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hello readers. im bedside with broken limbs but i can assure you that i have been up to some hacking, and thus, i have some fresh links for you all!

some say we don’t have love for concepts. wrong baby, we got lotsa love. thanks [rajagopal]

an ibook looking this nice deserves some props! [iraw]

go ahead, make your own ghetto electric fan
allright, another claim that this is the first electronic bar [xfred]
those cornell students are up to it again. this time making the p-p-p-palm
god help us. hack…your….undies. [eric]
add a 110v power jack to your car (not responsible for you getting killed)

DIY high altitude balooning. woohoo.

someone better figure out how to crack macrovision on p2p soon if this is going to happen…

tune in wednesday! the hackaday podcast should be up!

8 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. When we made our Automated Bartender, we actually ran into the BarMonkey, but it was nothing like it is now, it was in version 1.0. We came up with our idea knowing nothing about the existence of the BarMonkey, and we believed our design was sufficiently different so we set out to make The Automated Bartender as our senior design project. Props to the BarMonkey guys, the latest version looks awesome!

  2. While an aluminum iBook would be cool, there’s nothing special about wrapping one in aluminum foil; that “aluminum” is likely already trashed … Just my 2

  3. Excellent remote mount AC inverter project!

    I would glue or otherwise secure/seal those battery connection posts under the hood however, as vibration might loosen them, and the metal will assuredly corrode.

    Cream no sugar in my coffee please, thanks! :)

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