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Circuit bending is the art (as opposed to science) of modifying audio toys to produce musical instruments. By creatively shorting circuits, adding switches and pots you can create a truly unique musical object. The hobby is incredibly easy get started in; just roll down to your local thrift store and pick up some old speak ‘n’ spells and start poking around. This comes with all the usual disclamers i.e. don’t hook house current up to your body. If you’re careful though you’ll soon be hearing the wonderful sounds of a know-it-all speak ‘n’ spell in agonizing pain. Sound like fun? Have a look at Anti-Theory’s great guide to everything you need to know to get started with circuit bending.

There is also an interesting gallery show over at Crown Dozen.

13 thoughts on “Circuit Bending Guide

  1. Radiohead has such a unique musical style and much of it is attributed to their experimentation with these types of devices. Gotta love these guys. Especially that nut “Jonny Greenwood: lead guitar, keyboards, electronics, and many more.” Quote from wikipedia. His music’s so good, Wonder if he’s been running the current through his brains left hemisphere!!

  2. Rememebers me of those days that I made a circuit with an SP0256AL speech chip. I had it normally connected to an I/O port on my Spectrum, but when not connected, it sometimes talked funny, can you say:


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