WRT SD Card Mod

I was mildly interested in the serial port mods (add a gps, lcd, serial console), but this is just awesome. Now you can add as much Secure Digital flash storage as you want to your WRT54G. This requires soldering six wires plus a custom driver. The added space could come in really useful for storing logs or large dump files from kismet. You could just plug the thing into the wall and let it sniff packets all day. It could also be a small file server running bittorrent while you’re out of the house with your laptop. Most important of all: SD support means you’ll be able to share memory cards with your Playstation 3 and that’s a top priority right?

[thanks darkpadden via LinksysInfo.org]

13 thoughts on “WRT SD Card Mod

  1. **wishes it was compact flash mod**

    as I recall (I’m prolly remembering this badly) but compact flash is just IDE which’d be l33t. linux r3wt4r + 200GB hard disk would be ace :D

    anyways Teh SD card kicks ass tho…

  2. Nice… Would be nicer if you could somehow add a USB port. Opens up the possibility of USB flash drives, memory readers, and maybe even external hdrives.

    IIRC, some versions of the Belkin 54g series used similar Broadcom reference boards, and some of those have most of the bits needed to add a USB port. Perhaps there’s a similar situation in the Linksys??


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