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  1. Am looking forward to the podcast – finally a podcast I’m really interested in!!

    About the Xbox 360 vs the PS3, I’m actually considering the Xbob, not for the games as much since I’ve got a PC, but for the easy linking to Windows Media Player and all of my videos and software on there! Mind you, I’ll probably get the Nintendo equivalent as well if just for Mariokart!!

    That roadtrip with the xbox in two cars looks cool but I reckon a more usable method would be to use two xboxes linked via a wireless network, surely that would have a longer range?


  2. If you want to link up and play videos through an xbox, just get an xbox (before they’re out of production) and install XBMC.

    And to Vince….I like how you act as though killzone is somehow more interesting than gears of war. Very convincing.

  3. I would consider getting an xbox… but then again they’re ridiculously ugly and would ruin the look of my living room!! How any style-concious person could ever buy an xbox without hiding it away behind some nice aluminium case and having wireless controllers I’ll never know.

    Besides which, an xbox is old hat… you’ve got to have the latest gizmos, don’t you?!! :-D

    I just watched the killzone video via dnordbak’s site. Its pretty impressive but I have to admit, I’m not convinced that its real-time rendering, it looks more like prerendered stuff to me, particularly the intro bit (before they crash). After that it *could* be real. Think Half Life 2 on a top spec pc with dual 6800u’s with the game modded to actually *use* all of that extra graphics power on a standard HDTV res – it’d be perfectly possible.
    Game developers for PCs have to design games that can scale well over various hardware platforms – if they could limit their developing only to an a64 with dual 6800us in sli then they could create some *serious* eye candy. Think about it.


  4. It would be really cool if that was the actual intro to killzone, part playable part movie. Kind of like the intros to metal gear solid. Usually mgs games have really cinematic playable intros and then the famous mgs logo comes on with cool music and more cinema.

  5. What? No mention of the Nintendo Revolution whatsoever? For Apple and Mac enthusiasts such as yourself, how can you not mention the Apple of the video game world? Especially when the Revolution will use Mac processors and Macs are used as the development environment.

    Shame on you.

  6. yes the xbox is hideous but hardcare gamers display there ugly gaming boxes proudly. Or just rip themn apart and put thim in custom cases like I did. anyways the point of the xbox “hack” was to play a game you could not normally play on 2 screens ultra sweet. also where can u get the podcasts?

  7. love the podcast, maybe a few too many pauses but if i tried im sure there would be at least as many :-p

    i liked hackers, somehow it never stuck but i remember watching it at least a couple more times out of respect.

    keep up the good work, i find myself slowly checking this site more often than slashdot, it’s odd i know, i find that these articles are a bit more hands-on and have a better entertainment value. not trying to start a flame war, i do like slashdot, though sometimes it gets a bit too political (M$ vs *nix vs mac, degree vs no degree, etc…)

    anyways, keep on hackin’

  8. awesome podcast ! the echo was killing me though… it was ok for a little while but then it just got kind of annoying. The content was really good though, and you did a good job making the ideas come to life. later.

  9. yeah for xbox live/xbc/ect my name is shark500 i love the movie hackers and a i think that you should set up an Mirc room just for an easy instant message type of system so we may all be able to discuss our ideas, just an idea and an exelent idea for the pod cast.

  10. Great first try at a podcast!
    With that, I have a few comments…

    The echo was REALLY annoying.
    I think if you were going for an NPR type echo you need to change the delay to something WAY shorter, almost immediate, and have it fade off faster.

    _Hackers_.. Awesome Movie, I laugh everytime I watch it!

    You seemed to have some hesitation at first, you used a lot of ‘uhm’s and ‘err’s, but it seemed to clear up after a while, so good job on that!
    I know you’ll be more confident as you make more podcasts.

    I totally dug the request for the Eyeboard speller reader thing, I might take a crack at itmyself.

    I think you should have more podcast exclusive stuff, maybe if you keep two stories/week off the website, and stick it in the podcast… I dunno, just thinking out loud.

    Responding to e-mail is totally cool. Maybe you should try a bit more of that.

    anyway.. loved it, can’t wait for the next one.


  11. 29 megs! are you crazy!!! what about all the poor people out there that have dail-up? I being one of them. I’m not going to spend half my night trying to download it. But dont get my wrong I’m a big fan of Hack-a-day.

  12. 29 megs! are you crazy!!! what about all the poor people out there that have dail-up? I being one of them. I’m not going to spend half my night trying to download it. But dont get my wrong I’m a big fan of Hack-a-day.

  13. Three tips for the next podcast.

    1. Turn down your speakers, the echo was killer.
    2. Lower the bitrate. 56-70 kbps is more then enough. 160VBR was overkill.
    3. Better ID3 tags.

    Other then that good show.

  14. i know most of the other people have commented on it so keeping with the trend the echo was annoying

    But The movie HACKERS i love favorite film of all time i love it to bits,

    Anyway keep up the good work


  15. Ummm…what exactly makes this a podcast? I have yet to find a link to your rss feed for the podcast so I can subscribe to it. That’s what makes it podcasting.

    Please show me the way…I can’t find the link.

  16. I know the second podcast is already up, but I just downloaded the first one. I’m gunna have to agree with everone else who mentioned it and say that the echo sucks. I also think that 96kbps vbr would’ve been a much easier overkill option…. I’m only a few minutes into it right now but so far its great. Thanks!

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