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hello people. after tons of working around, our podcast is up! we want your feedback. lots of it. we want to make the next one even better so go check it out and download it!

but of course, it is thursday. we have some freshly prepared links of course!

heh, yeah yeah

16 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Just listened to the podcast and the quality is great. One thing I noticed right off the bat was the echo that’s in the background, and it gets really annoying really fast. I can also hear this high whirring sound (maybe a PC fan?) in the background. Of course there’s the occasional “uhh” and “umm” thrown around a bit as well as a few gaps in between stories here and there, but that will get better as the hackaday podcast series progresses. I know that it’s the first podcast and that nothing is perfect the first time, but if someone doesn’t say something about it how can it be fixed?

    Those are really the only problems I see in the podcast. Everything else, in my opinion, is great. Great audio quality, great topics to discuss, and great length as well. One thing I’ve noticed about some podcasts I listen to is that they are insanely long (with Binary Revolution’s averaging about an hour and a half). This podcast, however, is just the right length for my liking (my preference being 30-45 minutes). If it’s too long there’s a lot of dead air/misc. talk, and too short there’s not enough content.

    Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next podcast.

  2. re: your podcast
    -intro music was a bit to long, (it cut over your voice to much, thankfully did finally cut off), pick a differnt toon, I’d go with something a bit shorter and more like your radio talk show hosts play.
    -echo sucked,
    -to many uhmms
    -speak quicker maybe, the material was good, I just loose interest quick if my mind isnt jumping, I got towards about the 80% mark and cut it off.

    Good job, and keep it up!

  3. The people who quote billions of dollars of losses for software piracy forget one thing. A good portion of the software that is pirated would never have been bought if the person who pirated it couldn’t have done so. That doesn’t make it legal or right, but it does over-inflate the losses when this portion of the piracy is included in the figures.

  4. loved the podcast… and as everyone else said the echo did start to drive me nuts. you covered some good topics. i would love to see some how to’s put on there if it would be possible. but other than that enjoyed it, keep it up. oh and by the way the movie hackers is phreaking amazing!!!

  5. Hmm, now if they could just do that with a TI-83(+)/84. All of the SAT and ACT scores in america would drop in the math section. Of course seeing how many teachers ban/frown on 89/92(+) in class for its integrated functions. if it would work on an 86 (it has an exact Z80 core) we could have some fun and sill be test legal. Mmm just a selfish idea.

  6. Hey Vincenzo, very very nice Podcast. actually this was my fist podcast, and i think its great =)

    the echo was terrible, guess you already know that.

    for me as a german italian your english was pretty good to understand, thanks.

    Ive been listening to it on my way to school, was a great replacement for the boring sound of my bikes engine ;)

    have a nice day,

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