Abusing Amazon’s Dynamic Image Generator

amazon image

I’ve wondered about the crazy image URLs Amazon uses before, but not more than a few seconds. It seems a Peanuts fan decided to get to the bottom of it. Nat Gertler has deciphered the meanings  of most of the values that show up in Amazon URLs. It’s really simple to try out. Just pick out an image URL and start dropping in options: You can change the value and color of the percentage off bullet. Rotate the image to an arbitrary angle. Add “search inside” and “look inside” banners wherever you want. You can even view the original cover the book was submitted with.  Many of these options can be doubled up too. I can’t really think of what the “killer app” for this is, but it is fun to see the mechanisms behind web applications that have to serve thousands of people.

[via boingboing]

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hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

hello people. readers. hackers. jason and i have been crunching to get the podcast done so it can be released to you friday. we are telling you right now though it will be the best podcast ever. period. we have interviews via skype, we have hacking news, we have discussions, we have you guys calling into our number 206-888-HACK and leaving voicemails. keep doing it. we read the dumb e-mails you guys have sent us. it’s a great show and about an hour long so far. yeah thats right, an hour long.

it is most certainly a rainy afternoon though. im lazy. you’re lazy. we’re all going to sit around playing halo 2 with the exploits arent we? right. hence why i’ve brought you links to distract you away from your xbox for 5 seconds.

PWOT showcases the gamer’s manifesto (mild language like you care)
get a little usb action in your car [weirdguy0101]
make a frosted-glass pc case! very cool looking.
bring back your power wheels from the dead by making a new battery [ScottyB]

really dirty (read: dangerous) marx generator [carpespasm]

so you’ve got your pizza, you’ve got your links for toppings, now what? oh that’s right. an easy to do hack! you got it buddy. this one actually comes from one of yesterday’s links.

the $1 laser light show sent in by [ahanda]
since im not shelling out $30 for Quicktime Pro 7, you’ll have to go to the site and check out the insanely awesome video. basically, you’re doing this:

Step 1. Get a laser pointer. the keychain kind you used to piss people off with at the movies.
Step 2. Break a CD that you don’t like (read: kenny g) and get a nice little triangle piece out of it.
Step 3. Bust out the bass. Whether it be your living room or 1988 honda accord with 12″s in the trunk, you’ll need a subwoofer with the speaker exposed.

This image sums up the rest. Watching the movie also helps. Now that’s a damn good laser light show for cheap!
laser diagram

 Enjoy people. Keep an eye out friday for the podcast. I’ll also dig up the proper podcast url for you RSS addicts.

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