Electric Starter Powered Kart

electric starter kart
Taking a cue from bar stool racers, Robert Lee built this kart using a Honda starter. The frame is constructed out of PVC with steel reinforcement. Notice the forced air cooling. Along with the kart details he’s got links to PDFs about building barstool racers and PVC frames on the site. Be warned: Tripod sites will make you envy the blind.

[thanks john kiniston]

9 thoughts on “Electric Starter Powered Kart

  1. When I was a kid a buddy and I stole a three-wheeled car starter powered trike from a junkyard. It ran off a car battery and was loads of fun to play with and hack apart.

    This was in 1975.

    This cart looks incredibly fast and cooler than our junkcycle by far!

  2. I’ve always wanted to build my own kart, but does anyone know a good site to learn the basics? What is needed, how to get an electric motor up and running, what’s the best way to build the body etc.
    Some kind of HOWTO or a forum?

  3. for shandar, and anyone else interested…

    dont know if this is the same info as the first link on the other page as all i get is a bandwidth exceeded message, however this link should tell you all you need to know however, some of the pages are out of order numerically but if that proves to be a problem then you probably really shouldnt be trying to build it in the first place!

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