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  1. bhups just wanted to get his personal website on hackaday. the script he’s using is taken from http://www.ip2phrase.com/
    the web site is the place that actually powers the stupid thing. it’s free, but the site requires a text link back to itself if you use it on your site. bhups didn’t do this, or even mention where he got it from.

    hey, maybe if i spend 2 seconds on the internet and plagiarize someone else’s page, I can get on hackaday links too!

  2. lol, trojan botnet. see, if microsoft actually made windows 2k/xp secure, than these things would never happen. Leave a win2k machine on teh internet completely unprotected, and wait 10 mins or less. That computer will be infected with many different viral programs, and will probably be in a state of complete unuseablilty. see linux on the otherhand, you can leave unprotected for years, and still wont have anything on it. its just that damn secure. And look at osx for that matter. Is there any viral programs for that platform.

  3. Hmmm, I do find it humoring seeing a site, trying to scare me of showing me what info they get from me and actually kinda fail not big but mildly.

    The info:
    Your country is DENMARK,
    country code of your country is DK,
    State or region of visitor is VESTSJALLAND.
    Special welcome to our visitor from HERNING, DENMARK.

    Yes I’m a Dane from DK, no surprise.
    Living in Vestsjalland…no I’m living on East side, capitol (Copenhagen) actually.
    Herning?!?! Have you been munching pills, Herning is in Jutland, other side of country, far far away. not even related to sjalland (sealand).

  4. Actually, the IP tracking stuff is pretty generic. It is not neccicarily taken from ip2phrase. It is a mix of whois info and IP geography. Another useful way to get this is to use http://www.hostip.info/api/get.html?ip= . They let you use it on your site, but check out the site for terms and stuff. I havn’t used the API myself, I just use it to look up locations of IPs that I come across (from server logs etc.)

  5. 8: It’s a combination of both. Leastways, that’s how I’ve understood it.

    Another site that does that ip stuff is whatismyip.com or something like that. Mine also says I live in the town where my ISP’s hq’d instead of where I actually am, but I think that’s normal.

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