DIY Recumbent Bicycle

recumbant bicycle

Bill Dudley built this recumbent out of a 20″ bmx bike and a 27″ bike that he found on the side of the road. The only specialized part used was an idler from a commercial recumbent. Bill says the most difficult part was constructing a comfortable seat. It apparently works pretty well; He’s completed several metric centuries (100km/63 miles) on it. I think the first recumbent I ever saw as a child was the BEHEMOTH, which is in class of its own.

[thanks Bill]

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

good afternoon people! its hot, its muggy, and we need to get ourselves a way to chill down. here in pennsylvania, we’re in for heat all week.

after those wicked thunderstorms we had monday, this thing is looking even better. [maverick]
…but oh noes. the world’s “biggest computer hacker” has been arrested in london. Do I smell the next “FREE MCKINNON”?

[Dash] sent this in. The red screen of death? Whatever, Longhorn sucks.
Fat? Enjoy Food? Love Chess? This is for you….lazy bum. (kidding of course)

Cnet also suprisingly alerted me that there is “ a shortage of mainframe hackers“. Gee, god knows every aspiring hacker loves a huge ass IBM mainframe. HP-UX pride baby.

Now, for your little cute lazy afternoon trick/story/hack/freebie, I’m celebrating one of my math tests I took today by giving your some mathemagician skills. Think of it as hacking math and the mind all at once. So here we go, get some friends on the phone and start rocking these:

Trick 1.
Think of any number, preferably divisible by two.
Add 8
Multiply by 2
Divide by 4
Subtract the half of the initial number
Your answer is now 4.
EDIT: Stupid KEYBOARD. I accidently hit 2 before the 4 key, yeah, you’re supposed to end up with 4 everytime..which you’ve figured out by now obviously.

OHHHH. Damn. Let’s have another shall we?

Trick 2.
Roll two dice.
Multiply one of the numbers by 2
Add 5
Multiply by 5
Add the second number
Subtract 25 and you get the dice numbers.

Now go off and enjoy. I’m getting all my wisdom teeth yanked out tomorrow so I’ll post pics.
Yes, pics