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hello readers! excited for tonights meetings? I am. Once again, information can be found here:


I’m rushing around trying to finalize everything and get stuff done for tonight. I also broke my toe so be prepared to hear me complain about that for 45 seconds. Here’s a list of meetings as of 3:30pm EST, June 16th 2005:

Philadelphia, PA, USA: (vince)
where: rittenhouse square. 18th and walnut sts. middle of the park, just look for me with gizmos and hacking stuff.
when: thursday, june 16th –  7:30pm EST. probably until 9pm or so. don’t be tardy because after awhile we might move it into a place for dinner/liquor/discussions. but not anytime before 8pm at least.
what to expect: me going over the cvs digital camcorder hack, talking about hackaday, plans, the next podcast, we’ll be recording stuff for the next podcast too and taking pics (bring your cameras!). also, any hacks you want to talk about, just come along with them and we’ll open the floor to you to speak about it. we’ll all be discussing hacker lifestyle, culture, findings, and news. also the movie hackers. bring your laptops too since rittenhouse has tons of open wi-fi.
rules: not many except i expect all of you who show up to be polite, kind, friendly, and to introduce yourselves. i will not tolerate any kind of rudeness/offensiveness/hate. we’ll tie you down and make you become the next goatse.

Lincoln, NE, USA
: (eliot)
where: Bison Witches in Lincoln, NE. look for him wearing a goatse t-shirt. yes, you read right.
when: thursday, june 16th – 7:00 CST until whenever eliot says. again, tardiness is frowned upon.
what to expect: eliot looking for feedback, discussions on hacks, you can bring a hack you’ve done to talk about it and showcase it. a demonstration of the 10-minute WEP cracking demo. bring your ideas, discussions, laptops, and hacks he says.
rules: same stuff. we expect all of you who show up to be polite, kind, friendly, and to introduce yourselves. i will not tolerate any kind of rudeness/offensiveness/hate.

Des Moines, IA, USA:
Des Moines IA, Jordan Creek Mall
Tues 21 at 6:30pm (time is very flexable)
Main Food Court.

Blacksbur, VA – VA TECH, USA:
Meeting at VA TECH Friday June 17 on the drillfield by Torg. Probably not many of if any are near Blacksburg, Va. (nothing is

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  1. I said discuss meetings only in here #2, but the CVS info will be discussed at the Philadelphia meeting and it will be videotaped and it will be available for download next week. No worries! And to #1, host a meeting where you are! public areas are awesome!

  2. Meeting at VA TECH Friday June 17 on the drillfield by Torg. Probably not many of if any are near Blacksburg, Va. (nothing is…) but i’m going to be getting together with a few guys to work on a couple projects, mainly aux on a non supported head unit, the moto v710 bluetooth/seem edit hack, and the oh so simple xbox controller pc gamepad. Also if we can get our hands on the CVS camcorders we might try to start on that. Look to go back to my appartment for some beers afterwards if you are interested.


  3. Looking to host a meetup for Western North Carolina(inlcuding charlotte folks if they want to venture to Hendersonville NC)

    To be hosted at my office(huge meeting room, seats 75)

    Date/Time to be announced, please contact me at sykosoft @ sykosoft . com


  4. We need one setup for the Seattle area! i would like to meet and maybe sometime see some things made from here. im slowly working on a few Video ones (in school now for video production) and im thinking a motor controll unit to do pans and tilts would be fun to work on

  5. ARGH!! i was on my way to the philly meet and Amtrack broke down, holding up Septa for about half an hour. I started walking from Market East but by the time I passed suburban (whereI was initially going to arrive around 7:00) it already 8:30ish. So I walked to suburban (where I saw my original train pulling in) and eventually caught a ride home, somewhat dejected. Well, here’s hoping for a good video.

  6. Was a great turn out! Thanks Vince! finally got to socialise with people that know a little sumthin about sumthin! Can’t wait to get video, was kinda hard to hear sometimes cuz the wind, but was great weather and great company, oh yeah thanks to the peeps that drove all the way from Boston area! you guys rock!

  7. I, too, was at tonight’s meetup. cheers to vince for an awesome job leading tonights meet-up, and kudos to everyone else that came out to contribute or just hang out. i look forward to future meetups, as well as the video to come.

  8. This is pretty last minute, but if anyone wants to show up…

    Hackaday get-together in Fargo, ND on June 17th (that tonight!). Starts around 9 PM at 1329 12th Street N, the times will be good and the music will be loud.

    Wonder if anyone will show?

  9. UPDATE!!! The meeting slated for Blacksburg, VA tonight has been moved to friday june 24 at 3:30/4 pm at the corner of Jefferson and Market at the new coffee shop in downtown ROANOKE, VA. The only responses i had for the meeting were roanoke people so we decided to move the meeting. Although if anyone still wants to hang out tonight i’ll be around.

  10. If anyone is interested in comming to the des moines meeting give me an e-mail at reomeico_at_gmail_dot_com If I can get my laptop working I plan to show the 10 minute web cracking demo. Any other ideas e-mail me thanks…

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