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The iTrip is an FM transmitter designed for the iPod. This little hack nestles the transmitter into the PSP case so you can listen to your music through a car stereo. The broadcast frequency is set by playing special audio files, so you don’t need any external adjustments. The transmitter is turned on by plugging in a dummy headphone plug. I’m amazed they were able to cram this into the PSP case.

22 thoughts on “PSP ITrip

  1. Correct me if im wrong but arent we supposed to get our CVS camcorder hack today?
    Yes I know im an impatient bastard. Im just really anxious, I have an unopened one sitting next to me right now.

  2. i believe that the camera hack is due tuesday, but this psp hack is awesome! im going to do it and im going to use the plug from teh itrip for a hack im making myself, im going to make a laser pointer for the ipod. i know you can buy one, but id rather make one. let me know if i should send it in to hackaday.

  3. You know what i am terribly sorry for being a nag. I knew the hack comes out tuesday. I thought today was tuesday lol. Sorry now I feel like an asshole. Oh well im a freakin scatter brain. Sorry vince and everyone else.

  4. Whats with the specail audio files to change frequencies on the iTrip?

    Thats a musi-hack waiting to happen. Hide those control noises (I imagine it sounds like the sweet song of a modem) into some music and mess with people mid-track. Decode them and find out if you can take the iTrip out to other frequencies.

  5. Whoo, Hello! Do you really need the 3.2 and 3.0 volt connections to run the thing? I was wondering where he found the 3.2 and the 3.0 or did he not use the 3.2. {sarcasm} Real specific instructions{/sarcasm} but a good hack none the less.

  6. Hi,This may seem a dumb dumb question but if you brick a psp what does it mean?? Does it mean the whole machine is wrecked? I’ve just bought a 2.00 and want to downgrade to 1.5 to play homebrew games.Seems easy enough to do but…… How much damage could be done?Any advice for me ;-))) please

  7. Hi.
    My older brothers girl got him a psp for christmas and he’s already abandandoned it here :)
    its a version 1.52 and id love it if someone told me how to maximize this thing.
    I must admit,Im an idiot when it comes to hacking it ( I know NOTHING) so any advice and help would be forever appreciated.

  8. Nice hack going to try it out ASAP. :)
    Question is there a way to mod a psp with a Game boy advance hardware added to the psp ? so it can also play game boy advance cratrige games thankz

  9. Nice one, I never knew abbout this PSP hack until now. I bought an itrip autopilot one year ago and I was very excited. Now I want to buy the roadtrip and an adapter to boost the transmitter range cause the default is between 6 and 9 meter.

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