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ds keyboard

Development of DSLinux continues to progress. The work of developer Pepsiman has really helped move things along. They’ve got a working Sash shell and framebuffer support. Just yesterday a touchscreen keyboard was added to ease use. It’s still in early development; The shift, alt, and ctrl keys don’t work and the repeat rate is a little quick. I’m sure they’ll get the bugs ironed out soon enough. I look forward to seeing some unique homebrew user interfaces that take full advantage of the dual screens.

14 thoughts on “Nintendo DS Linux Keyboard

  1. Sash – Stand Alone SHell, isn’t that the shell that need the ”-” char before every command? Exemple: -chown? I wish for them that the little visual keyboard can print the ”-” char (0x2D) ^_^

  2. hum, thanks for the reply Pepsiman. Could you just clarify why Linux Man shows this about sash?

    ”The built-in commands which correspond to external programs begin with a dash character in order to distinguish them from the external programs. So typing “ls”, for example, will attempt to run the real ls program. If “-ls” is typed, then the built-in command which mimics ls is called”

    Thanks a lot in advance

  3. sash has some built in commands.
    If you type “ls” it will look for ls on your $PATH. If it finds it, it will run it. If it doesn’t find it, it runs the built in version.

    If you have an ls on your $PATH, but you don’t want to use it, you can type “-ls” instead, which forces use of the built in version.

  4. dear matt, if you would be a little more unix experienced you could notice that my question wasn’t ”nub” at all, just needed to be clarified – anyway, keep bitching, you look fucked retarted & have what it takes for being the next superstar.

  5. pepsiman, dunno if you’ll see this, but…

    you do awesome work man :) keep it up.

    also, have you thought about using busybox for ds linux? its what is used in openwrt (linux for linksys routers) and it works great. would definatly get you up and runnig sooner once you get it working right.

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