Hackaday Monday Sipping

monday sipping

a new week! yes, yes yes. thank god. right now i’m taking a hardcore math test that i’m probably bombing, but that’s ok, i have you guys to entertain.

you will be pleased to know i’ve got the stickers designed and done and they’ll be sent out to be made and delivered soon! i’m also working on the 3rd podcast which should be really cool. i’ve got just the right knicks and knacks for it.

so, let’s get down to some links for your monday pleasure and reading.
make your own lightsaber. yeah. you can do it. [XyTec]
i found this to be cool. get free ipod headphones, docks, and more. (you’re hacking the system. fair enough right? plus free stuff.)  [mark]
see if you can find it here (it’s still up for me). cnn has a video telling the world about “hackers” and how horrible they are. my view? go to hell cnn.

oh by the way, when you bootleg a movie, do it right.

i’m also picking up my AIBO after my test, I’ll be sure to show him off tomorrow. so after a long hiatus, prepare to see a lot more aibo hacks.
a creative, yet expensive, access point before the linksys WRT was around. [mina]
a russian DJ goes and makes a cassette mixer. pretty wicked. [yauch]
want all the fun of easy to make lazy afternoon hacks? well go here for some fun. [joe]

and by now i think we’ve all heard about how a third-party processing firm had 40 million credit card numbers stolen. yipes.

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Nintendo DS Linux Keyboard

ds keyboard

Development of DSLinux continues to progress. The work of developer Pepsiman has really helped move things along. They’ve got a working Sash shell and framebuffer support. Just yesterday a touchscreen keyboard was added to ease use. It’s still in early development; The shift, alt, and ctrl keys don’t work and the repeat rate is a little quick. I’m sure they’ll get the bugs ironed out soon enough. I look forward to seeing some unique homebrew user interfaces that take full advantage of the dual screens.

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