Technics 1200 Pitch Lock Removal

pitch mod

Yes, even the venerable Technics 1200 turntable can be improved. This simple, completely reversible, modification removes the automatic pitch lock from the mk2 model. If your decks have seen a lot of use the true zero point has probably drifted from the one marked on the scale. This is easy to tell by observing the strobe. If the large dots aren’t stationary when the zero is locked, you’re out of adjustment. The other nuisance is that you can’t do minor pitch adjustments when you are close to zero because it constantly wants to lock. Even if you don’t want to mod your turntables this article does show you where to go to move the zero pitch back to the actual zero.

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

good afternoon readers! I hope some of you had good meetings yesterday and that the rest of you will attend one today. the philly one is at 7:30pm tonight and at 34th and chestnut on drexel field. simple enough. we’ll probably also move the meetings back to thursdays. a lot of people (including myself somewhat) don’t wanna give up our weekend, which is understandable.

last night i went to gameriot at the TLA. and oh boy, it was insane. it’s amazing what a fake press pass will do for you. i was up on stage hosting with mtv2, interviewing everyone left and right, and watched world halo 2 champion zylos kill everyone hardcore. you can find a writeup of that with 40 pics and video on joystiq later today/maybe tomorrow. be sure to check it out.

i have to admit, it’s a very interesting form of advertising. [christian]
wicked! a bluetooth pistol mouse. [bt]
make a master key for master locks for a buck. [w1cked]
getting laptops cool creatively and for a good cause! [ian]
discontinued, but someone should start it back up. [crash]

about as ghetto of a hack as you can think of.  [_nic]
make a zipit wireless backlight. very useful when doing other zipit hacks. [ben]

Now, for your lazy afternoon hack, we have one that’ll come in handy for when you travel. If you’re staying at a Hilton hotel, there’s a way you can get every single tv and movie channel from them. Sure it involves disconnecting the cable etc., but there’s no harm in that. Reader [psiveteran] did a great writeup about it in detail and how you too can ahh…..accquire cable. He even linked back to us. How nice. You can view the article here.

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