Hackaday Links


ouch. i burnt myself cooking up all these links. but now that they’re done, I can dish them out to you guys.

if you’ve got some cash and a ton of free time, make your own R2-D2. [xytec]
be a real dork and make an ethernet testing keychain. [2bitwhore]
an interesting method of scanning negatives. [foo]
totally missing my childhood now. this is all about super soakers and water guns. they even have a section on building your own water gun. some of which are pretty insane.
uh, honda apparently is down with letting asimo help kids learn to cross the street. [sarge]
a low cost analog and digital tv modulator. you uhf pirate….arrrrrr. [joe]

whoa! cool stuff! listen to the sound of the data on your harddrive. i never would have thought about doing this. [dryicerx]

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USB Rotary Channel Changer

rotary switch

Kentaro Fukuchi originally built this simple controller for an art installation. He needed an easy way for visitors to switch effects on an EffecTV system. To avoid writing device drivers he canabilized a cheap game pad. There were 16 available buttons but only 12 were needed. Once the rotary switch was wired to all of the buttons he could use simple scripting to grab the button press events. You could use this to control a variety of things and Kentaro gives a couple possible ideas on his site.

[thanks Jaime Wong]

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