Oil Computer Ver. 2

oil bath computer

Reader Jay was so mesmerized by the original oil computer story that he had to try it out himself. He had other good reasons: producing an experience report in English and creating a case that didn’t look slap-dash. It turned out to be a partial success and definitely a lesson. First thing he discovered was how not to oil proof a hard drive. He does get the chance to use the phrase “rock out with my caulk out”; which only goes to show: if you mess with bad puns, you will get burned. The rig did drop the computer temp quite a bit and Jay’s got numbers to prove it. Within hours of completion the case developed a fatal crack and redistributed the oil to the floor. Better luck next time Jay. It has been a couple months since the first story so if you’ve completed a similar project feel free to post your pics and/or comments.

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Hackaday Links


what a great day out! so great that today’s links are gonna be hardcore. super fast, super awesome, and super rockin. because you should be outside playing football. with me.

netflix be rockin some secret memos….oooh la la.
a real good waste of a tablet pc so it can be a photo frame. [sam]
a guy from japan goes and makes a jetpack from pressurized soda bottles. a must see. [aaron]
the burning scooter. beyond awesome….but it’s hosted via dyndyns. so get it while it’s hot (omg hahaahaha a pun! i’m so funny!) [trilly]
more guitar goodness! i’m in heaven! keep sending in links like these guys! [eric]

and of course it’s how-tuesday over at engadget. read my how-to on building your own cheapie pedal board! now you can totally pretend to rock.

and to you people who “got longhorn beta months ago”…you didn’t. you got an early build of it. the official beta was released a few days ago. :)

the bbc also launched an open source website. i highly reccomend checking it out of course.

NYTimes wrote up a story on the death penalty for hackers (among other punishments of course too). load of crap, read it using bugmenot.

holy smokes. phrack (yes the phrack) is coming out with a final issue. this to me is pretty big news!

lastly, go forth and control thy house with thy psp! [charlie]

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