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i just got a blackberry 7290 for t-mobile and i’m slowly loving it. if you’re a blackberry user and you wanna chat, send me your PIN # via the tips form. i’d love to plus it’ll be handy for defcon.

so lets hop on some links shall we? this first one is great for webmasters like thyself.
spice up checkboxes with just html (and…some css). no graphics at all. so sweet. [steve]

our main man striegel sent me this link about a dude who has “weighed the internet.” kind of in response to our talk about alexa on the last podcast.

i’m suprised this is from a tv station….but they want you to build your own snow gun. so gopher it by all means (dandruff doesn’t count). [benhou]

interesting. windows and linux are “neck and neck” when it comes to security. who agrees/disagrees? what about mac os x? :)

you know how i feel about australia, so why was a man there found guilty for hyperlinking?
900% rediculous. absolutely friggin rediculous.

build your own bush (and kerry too…shush shush). one of those fun dumb things thats cool for 5 minutes.

aw how cute. a wifi magic bike. [papak]

this guy has made tons of crap. good crap that is, but lots of it. thanks for showing us his stuff [theringmasta]

everyone else on WIN is reporting this so we will too. this “optimus” keyboard changes for certain specifications. not real yet…but if it is ever real, i will get it. the quake feature is boss.

24 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. whats up vince, just wondering when the hack a day stickers will be available, and also wondering when the next meeting will be in philadelphia. couldnt make the last one because of work, even though im a drexel tool.

  2. Windows vs. Linux? I hate those debates, but seeing as how the article in question mentions Microsoft’s “improved patches”, I do have to ask… would that be those annoying little p.o.s. messages that constantly say there are security updates? The ones that simply won’t go away unless you install them? (in xp/sp2 anyway) Meanwile, you can still run a secure RedHat 7 machine with minimal updates and it doesn’t bug you to death every single month. Also, Linux is only as secure as the administrators make it. Mac? I’m not personally a fan of it (I’ll take my Slackware over any other OS), but I have a feeling Mac could do a rather good job provided the right person sets it up. Windows simply doesn’t have the capability to be as secure as Linux because MS sends it out with too many closed doors to the end-user/admin… after all, “Microsoft knows best”… please excuse my laughter.

  3. Has anyone here installed Alexa? I don’t like the looks of it… I think it would be aimed at users who are just learning the difference between AOL and the internet. I doubt complex calculations should be based on data from spyware — I mean, “a data miner”.

  4. I’m not so sure about the Mac Security. At my high school, I worked as a tech. we had a huge problem with the melisssa virus. You know. From 97. there’s no good anti-virus for mac that I know of.

  5. I really like your site, but it kinda irks me that you just copy links off of slashdot without even giving credit as to where they came from. I read both sites pretty much every day, and there are alot of times when you repost. Especially since in your last podcast, you talked about being pissed off because someone else was reposting your stuff. Maybe people are giving them to you who got them off of slashdot, in which case you wouldn’t really know, but maybe it would be worth looking at before you post.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work. I loved the link for the geeky guy in Ontario who built all the weird crap!

  6. Is it just me, or do the checkboxes not work properly in IE6. Try using the accessability features (tab and space) they mention. They don’t work! Pretty big bug if they wanna consider themselves 508 (accessable) compliant, don’t ya think?

  7. I’m actually kind of glad slashdot linked that story since Striegel knows how to link to us (he was a contributor here). Slashdot hasn’t linked here in months even though they’ve used at least 4 of our features in the last two weeks.

  8. if you even try to read through the comments on slash you’d see that its TERRIBLE.

    game set and match on that keyboard, the potentials for that thing are about endless. keyboard “screen savers”. id get a kick out of switching switching return space and tab randomly though.

  9. the slashackadaylater effect is really bothersome, but i want to believe it’s just an oversight.

    hackaday readers, you can (and should) fix this.

    when you submit a hackaday (or any) article to slashdot (or anywhere), make sure to credit where you found it. the slashdot editors don’t research the origin of every article they recieve.

    remember, the more slashdot readers you bring here, the more people there will be applauding your kick ass hack when it gets posted on hackaday.

  10. You could do something similar to the keyboard pretty easily- use a touchscreen laid flat or at a slight angle, and then write a simple driver to let it emulate a keyboard. No tactile feedback, but then you can reposition keys as well. I’d be interested to see if anyone here with an LCD touchscreen handy could give this a shot.

  11. this from a friend who knows quite a bit about accessibility:
    Nor are the buttons in the table accessible. They use CSS background images and have insufficient labeling, either in “label” attributes or “title” attributes to tell what they are.
    Also, buttons don’t work with Jaws 6.1

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