Animated 8×8 LED Toy


It’s been a while since we’ve featured a hardware project and I thought this one looked pretty simple. It was originally intended as a Christmas ornament. If you follow the schematics and burn the provide source you’ll end up with an 8×8 animated display. Not really sure what your going to do with it after that, but a flashing sign is sure to clue in the general populace to your dorkitude.

[thanks camzmac]

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Hackaday Links


i just got a blackberry 7290 for t-mobile and i’m slowly loving it. if you’re a blackberry user and you wanna chat, send me your PIN # via the tips form. i’d love to plus it’ll be handy for defcon.

so lets hop on some links shall we? this first one is great for webmasters like thyself.
spice up checkboxes with just html (and…some css). no graphics at all. so sweet. [steve]

our main man striegel sent me this link about a dude who has “weighed the internet.” kind of in response to our talk about alexa on the last podcast.

i’m suprised this is from a tv station….but they want you to build your own snow gun. so gopher it by all means (dandruff doesn’t count). [benhou]

interesting. windows and linux are “neck and neck” when it comes to security. who agrees/disagrees? what about mac os x? :)

you know how i feel about australia, so why was a man there found guilty for hyperlinking?
900% rediculous. absolutely friggin rediculous.

build your own bush (and kerry too…shush shush). one of those fun dumb things thats cool for 5 minutes.

aw how cute. a wifi magic bike. [papak]

this guy has made tons of crap. good crap that is, but lots of it. thanks for showing us his stuff [theringmasta]

everyone else on WIN is reporting this so we will too. this “optimus” keyboard changes for certain specifications. not real yet…but if it is ever real, i will get it. the quake feature is boss.

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