Hackaday Monday Sipping

monday sipping

so we got hacked. whatever. ::sips coffee::

stickers and t-shirts have been shipped and they’ll be here before we leave for defcon….so that’s awesome. i’ve also noticed that a ton of you are international readers. i’m trying my best to think of ideas for you guys since you cant get postage and we have to take care of it. we’ll get it done. no worries. defcon should be very interesting after getting hacked. in a good way of course.

today my  friend needs bluetooth installed in his computer. you can bet that it won’t be installed without being done in some messed up way with lights and cabaret.

lemme throw you dogs some hot sausage links though.
nigerian scammers are being punished
. oh my god yes.
great guitar modding site. tons of content. [ed]
monitor consumption of your home power. pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
yet another cellphone to handset mod. this one is a bit different. [jake]
one could hardly call this impressive feat of mechanics a “case mod”. [azog]

now this i really love. someone scanned an old LP record in and used a “digital needle” to get the sound off it. how insane. [cosmo]

gen x and the clash members have this new band right? and get this: they want you to download their music for free.

as for hackaday t-shirts, this is what we have:
5 small, 20 medium, 20 large, 15 x-large.

i can say off the bat that 5 of those will be given to certain people which include eliot and i and others. that means there are 55 left. after defcon who knows how many will be left. after that, they will be awarded, not given out. t-shirts cost money to make and we can’t take your money. so thus, expect to see some contests popping up very soon. speaking of which.

today is the end of the contest for a sub-$100 laptop. who has done it? if you have, e-mail (a link to if possible) pics, an about page, and a price list of parts used. we want to see what’s up. the winner will get hackaday fame, some good prizes which will include a t-shirt, stickers, and buttons, and other stuff. you have until 11:59pm to submit submissions. good luck.

19 thoughts on “Hackaday Monday Sipping

  1. Heh, the digital needle project is a good one. I remember when the idea was originally conceived in the early 90’s in _Analog_ sci-fi magazine. (In the story, guy finds a quartered (4 pieces) EP that had his dead fathers voice on it, doesn’t have the several thousand for professional reconstruction. Watches virtual mars canyon flythroughs made from probe imagry, gets idea. Scans in dead dad’s EP, stiches it together in photosoftware, grabs nasa’s open source code for converting photos into topographic maps, modifies code to pretend to be record needle, hears dead dad singing mariachi, cries. Then the lava-people attack.)

  2. The power consumption link got me thinking… A lot of homes today have wireless power meters so the power company can just drive down the street every month to record how much power you have used instead of walking right up to the meter. Does anyone know of anyone who has built a wireless link to the meter to monitor power usage?

  3. Ya know, I’ve been visiting this site for about 3 months “off and on”, just showed up about a week ago for a glance. Alot of things have changed, new news, a site that shows how to melt and mold metal! Good stuff, I’m starting to take notes! (My printer isn’t “inked”)

    Wait, this site got hacked?

    *sips coffee*

  4. Wow datwstddevil, I’m 14 and have been reading hack-a-day since i was 13, but that doesn’t qualify me for a t-shirt.

    i was going to go to def-con, but couldn’t raise the money. i wish i could’ve. at least i’ll get some good pins!

    Oh, and nice mod alex, thanks for the link. Also, about hack-a-day being hacked, is that why the rss feed didn’t work correctly? i obsess and check it every 15 minutes for a new hack.

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