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hackaday t-shirt

Drooling yet? Thought so. They’ll be here just in time for Defcon on July 26th.

And no. Don’t request them. These will be awarded for special people/robots/organisms.
we have 60 coming. by the time we’re done, there will be a little over 50 hopefully left. so start impressing us. do graffitti on a cop car. anything. we’ll take it.

Link time.
Guy uses Google Maps to get out of a ticket in court. My hero.
astronomy hacks are totally like, in man.
guy makes a car that talks and junk. what a blast. [bird]
Silly Colleges. USC got their database hacked. Wonder if they have OJ’s grades….
linux distros that go on floppy disks. oh wait, no one uses those anymore. [xytec]
pc keyboard on a psp. oh my god how aweso-wait no. i’m being a bit too sarcastic today aren’t i?

buy a volkswagon and make your own biodiesel fuel.

this guy made himself a “pink floyd computer” after obviously tripping out for 5 days straight. [jimmy]

make a regular engine run on water. [kyle]
cute little solar powered robot that powers itself with the sun (microsystems omg). [h4rm0n1c]

43 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. “USC got their database hacked”

    the number of imcompetent and ignorant people in our America’s university level is astounding…

    It is a top-tier COLLEGE who TEACHES, among other things, COMPUTERS…

    Am I missing something?

  2. The hydrogen power info is nothing new, and in fact the “instant hydrogen” is the result of dropping any active metal into water – it’s the same thing that happened when you tossed a chunk of sodium or potassium metal into a pond in high school; it evolves hydrogen with a ton of heat and ‘splodes. However, this method of producing hydrogen is a net-loss, because it takes a ton of energy to MAKE elemental active metals. I think the only real solution for viable hydrogen power will be solar-electric electrolysis of water.

  3. If anyone really gave a damn about cleaner fuels they’d try and push the use of Propane or Compressed Natural Gas (I prefer propane) until a viable Hydrogen car is available. Any existing internal combustion engine can run on it, it doesn’t leave messy build-up in the engine (extends engine life / increased oil change interval), produces far less emissions, and it’s everywhere (just not available 24-hours a day in most places).

    It costs about $1.25 a gallon right now. Of course if you lease a tank for your home you can get it much cheaper [ when you buy 500+ gallons at a time :) ].

    It is not equal to gasoline in power output, but all you need to do is add a turbo to your car to help get more oxygen since the gas displaces available oxygen. And now you’re set!

    Modern LPG injection systems are computer controlled and can be very nicely tuned.

    And all you diesel nuts, add and LPG injector to your engine for a little combustion boost. :)

  4. what good would propane do? It still produces CO2 and its a lot more of a hassle to deal with (being a compressed gas and all).
    Besides it still must be drilled, most natural gas is flared off anyway since its not cost effective to transport.
    propane being cheap really doesnt mean anything since it is not road taxed. Look at the price difference between diesel and heating oil, same thing but diesel cost more because of the road taxes.
    That is really just band-aid on a broken arm.

    And hydrogen isnt much better especially since the only cost effective way to extract it is reforming OIL. Electrolysis will NEVER be worth anything unless power is abundant (ie nuclear fussion) since it takes more power than you will ever get back. It just makes the whole thing an energy storage medium.

    Maybe i’ll build a car with a sail, then I can use the wind :-D

  5. I know it’s not totally clean, but it is a lot better than gasoline. And of course it is not a final solution, just a better way to get by and also it will make engines last a lot longer.

    The majority of U.S. propane comes from our (if you’re not U.S.-based then disregard the rest of this bit) own petroleum supply and refinferies in Texas as a by-product of the refining process. The supply is plentiful, and almost totally internal.

    CNG is a tricky situtation, thats why i’d suggest propane. CNG is compressed, propane is not actually compressed upon filling AFAIK, it is liquid that “boils” and vaproizes at -42 C. It stores very easily without degrading and if a tank is puntured it will just leak, it wouldn’t take off like a rocket like CNG would.

    Sure it doesn’t have road tax, but even if they charged a tax at the pump, you can easily lease your own tank and buy it wholesale. You can’t easily lease your own 500 gallon gasoline tank that you get topped off all the time. And think how much gas you’d have to go through to buy enough where it’d be cheap, and wouldn’t go “bad”.

    But alas, we’re still stuck at oil refining. And thats why it is just a band-aid. But it’s a good band-aid in my opinion. Plus you can justify getting a turbocharger for your car :)

    So until we’re all using our garbage as fuel to keep the flux capacitor in operation, let’s just stick to doing the best with what we have.

  6. i am printing my hackaday shirt today. it is identical to the ones you had made but mine says hackaday a little smaller and closer to the skull. i will post pics later today.

  7. if you are gonna make an iron-on you just need a jpeg and reverse it. i wouldnt do an iron on unless its a white shirt. it doesnt look very good at all on black shirts. especially since printers dont have white ink. there is a vinyl you can iron on, they come in any color of the rainbow but have to be cut by a flexisign machine. the best way to do it is to just screenprint it yourself.

  8. White ink? lol, you dont need that. I have iron-ons that have the white already on it and are specifically for black/dark shirts. They replace the white with the color if needed, and any areas that you want to be white, you just leave that way, since the printer will not print the white areas…if that makes sense. Then you just cut and transfer and bam! you have a white iron on. Ive used it a few times with some shirts with great results…but yes any other way is almost better than inkjet iron-ons.

  9. Man, something great happend and i got hackaday to thank for it ! I was getting tired about all the winning about defcon, so i decided to check out WHAT THE HELL it is.
    So,i hited the web and soon found out. First i felt a bit jealous and thought being a european i would never be able to attend such a great event. Then i learnt about “What the hack” a 4-day hacker event/convention in the Netherlands ( Holland, as many off you may now it) wich is just 7 days away, and only happens ( under different names ) every 4 year. Without hackaday, your comments on defcon i would have never found out (or EVEN WORSE i would have found out TO LATE ) ! So, now i’m registered, going over there , and winning to others about it. Thanks a lot , have a good time at defcon !

  10. the hydrogen fuel page is a kook. “The first process shown to us by Rothman Technologies uses water, salt, and an extremely inexpensive metal alloy. The gas that results from this process is pure hydrogen, a fuel that burns without the need for external oxygen — and gives off no pollution whatsoever.”

    hydrogen does require oxygen to burn, as does any element. things don’t oxidize themselves, you know.

  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
    Water: H2O

    Hydrogen: H2

    “Burning” hydrogen = 2H2 + O2 = 2H20 + heat
    Electrolyse water: 2H2O + energy = 2H2 + O2

    There is no way to burn hydrogen without making water. Water is, in essence, “burnt” hydrogen.

    So why don’t you take the ashes from your fireplace, turn them into wood, and burn them again?


  12. so, can I start impressing you by getting on my knees and begging for a hack a day shirt? I kinda lack the resources as of now to hack things (my parents won’t let me touch anything around me that is worth hacking, and I can’t tag a cop car… not good with spray paint).

  13. Nice job kiddanger. I don’t have any problem with people making their own gear or slapping our logo on their projects, since you aren’t selling them or using them to misrepresent us. Keep up the work. Imitation is good for flattery, but an original design for your next hackaday shirt would be really cool.

  14. thanks everyone, yes i did screenprint them. i will probably do another design in the next few weeks. i have some other shirts i need to print before that. i think i will also put the logo on a headband, so it soaks up the sweat in lanparty fever.

  15. haha, I noticed that you used CustomInk as your screen printer then? They’re good, but… you for sure could’ve found some one local cheaper, then given away more stuff!!

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