Hackaday Links

hackaday t-shirt

Drooling yet? Thought so. They’ll be here just in time for Defcon on July 26th.

And no. Don’t request them. These will be awarded for special people/robots/organisms.
we have 60 coming. by the time we’re done, there will be a little over 50 hopefully left. so start impressing us. do graffitti on a cop car. anything. we’ll take it.

Link time.
Guy uses Google Maps to get out of a ticket in court. My hero.
astronomy hacks are totally like, in man.
guy makes a car that talks and junk. what a blast. [bird]
Silly Colleges. USC got their database hacked. Wonder if they have OJ’s grades….
linux distros that go on floppy disks. oh wait, no one uses those anymore. [xytec]
pc keyboard on a psp. oh my god how aweso-wait no. i’m being a bit too sarcastic today aren’t i?

buy a volkswagon and make your own biodiesel fuel.

this guy made himself a “pink floyd computer” after obviously tripping out for 5 days straight. [jimmy]

make a regular engine run on water. [kyle]
cute little solar powered robot that powers itself with the sun (microsystems omg). [h4rm0n1c]

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