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natrium42, the original PassMe designer, has released a guide for building a serial interface on the Nintendo DS. It does require you to flash a new firmware on the Passme, but other than that it is just a matter of soldering wires to the RX and TX. He’s tested it with a keyboard, a bluetooth module, and a USB adapter. If you want to hook it to a computer you’ll need the level converter he suggests. There is a lot of potential here.

In other news: StoneCypher has offered a bounty for an open source TCP/IP implementation on the DS; it’s already broken $1100.

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13 thoughts on “DS Serial Interface

  1. http://www.dslinux.org is working on getting Linux on the DS and they are doing a damn fine job.

    But you people have to remember, some DS owners are sao dissapointed by the system that we will not be afraid to open it up and do some soldering.

    And don’t forget the Play-Yan which is a Gameboy advanced card with an SD slot built in, allowing the Gameboy Micro to play Mp3’s and videos. A little Google could tell you more about that.

  2. hey… the PSP has a serial port built in… you know where the headphone control plugs in? (the 6 pin slot beside the headphone jack)… I’ve seen (somewhere) instructions to build the interface to an RS-232 plug. something about low signal levels that need to be boosted to be compatible with a PC serial..

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