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Just a quick update before I head to the airport. I would have told you Amarillo folks I was coming if I had been spending more than 24 hours here.

A few have asked about the Philly meetup. I don’t live in Philly, Vince does, I live in Lincoln, NE. So, feel free to hold meetings and I will post announcements, but i’m not going to be in PA. As always you can check out #hackaday on EFnet.

Do you know the story of the late John Britten? He built a competitive GP bike from the ground up. Now you can buy one for $249K. It’s unfortunate that Britten passed nearly 10 years ago, but at least the MotoCzysz C1 is trying to recapture the spirit.

[Luke Kanies] tipped me that Paul Frank was on the cover of Inc. magazine wearing a Hack-A-Day Beanie. Uh, we don’t make beanies. I checked out the magazine and it is really difficult to make out. A little googling turned up Paul Frank’s Skurvy product line.

[under_R_run] abuses a kiosk in Baltimore
How not to build a laptop [benhou]
Cyborg name generator – because you have to put google ads next to something

I was trying to use pickupline to bypass the wireless captive portal at Denver International yesterday, but was having problems. I think they hard coded eth1 into the spoofer. Anybody else had a chance to play with this? Time for round two.

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  1. Well, on the topic of exploratory “hacking”. I came upon a gas staion pump that was offline, and it’s card reader just had a “>” displayed. So i pressed a few buttons and accessed a test menu where you can test the card reader and printer. And also..a config screen. I printed a test and got firmware version numbers and all sorts of stuff. I was short on time, so I didn’t get to play as much as I would have liked to. But there was a condif option, which I didn’t explore. I don’t know how those systems work, do they have a unit in the building that does all the dialing/network stuff for card auths or what? Anyone care to comment on this?

  2. Tell me that dude in “how not to build a laptop” doesn’t look like Keifer Sutherland’s character Bob in “Freeway”!!! Reese: “Well look who got beaten with the ugly stick. Bob, is that you?”

  3. I’m with sleighboy, I’d like to find some stuff along the lines of figuring out how some commercial retail systems work. If there’s a debug menu hidden in something simple as a Coke machine…

    Anyway I work at a supermarket and I have yet to determine how the whole cash register system works. No one who works there has a clue, but that doesnn’t suprise me. Anyway all electronic fund transfers (ie credit cards) are done through satellite. all the registers are basically stripped down ibm computers with special displays, keyboards, and ports for printers/readers. everything is networked through basic cat5. there are racks of servers somewhere in the back for all of this. all of our wireless price checking units are supported by belkin routers bolted to the ceiling. anyways, i’d love to find out how any related systems work. barcode hacking (if there is such a thing) would be sweet too.

  4. Loads of these POI’s are run with some winny OS.
    I have only come across 2 or 3 *nix based ones.
    In the worst case I could get into another tty, not logged in ofcource.

    Not a hack, but …
    A big info screen at a trainstation up north in the Netherlands this morning had a nice NT/2000 kernel page crash BSOD.

    I mean you ppl make coffee machines play OGG and still it makes a decent cup’o’joe.
    And winnt can’t even just display some lines of info for a certain period of time. Jezzz.

  5. I was driving through McDonalds the other day and the menu confirmation screen had crashed. It was a DOS/BIOS style display saying

    Cannot find drive C:
    Hard Drive failure

    I was thinking “I’ll fix your POS system for some free french fries”.

  6. okay. so paul frank has scurvy? I thought he had herpes, maybe he has both, any who, I heard vince left. So no more convention hall meetings with caviar in philly huh?
    as far as POI systems are concerned, there usually isnt much you can do with them, as the passwords are usually easy to guess (like system1 or Stock123 etc…), credit cards usually go over a modem, not a satellte.

  7. You were trying that at DIA? Man, ur gonna get yourself arrested!!! Do that enough, and they’ll have your position tied down to the foot and turn you in to the FBI for trying to break in. It’s happened before, don’t risk it.

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