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[william] was blogging the 8th Annual International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition last weekend. You can find his coverage over at GoRobotics.net. LinuxDevices.com has a write up on “Best Newcomer”, the Mongoose, since the winner ran XP.

Talkin’ Kutztown
Screw camera
More info on Metros then you ever needed [via The Morning News]
OSX X86  Resources [via Digg]
DownloadSquad Linux World link roundup
[frank] has put up footage from the WiFi Shootout

Finally, from IpaqModder:

There are things in Ireland called net phones, They are found all over the world especially this model. It in Ireland is an eircom net phone, I found out the other day (by seeing an eircom technicians fat ass) there is a reset switch underneath. I pressed it with a key and indeed the box reset. But the best bit is by holding the q and the v key at startup it goes to admin mode, there is a setting in there to add websites to the free to view list, and one one of these in a payphone in dublin hackaday.com is free to view

18 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. No don’t free the Kutztown 13 they are dumbasses for doing what they did. This will be a lesson to all the “h4x0rz” out there. Also I need something else to read about in the CDT other than wackos talking about if it’s moral for stem cell research.

  2. why did the school give them laptops anyway, that was the dumbest idea. If someone gave me laptop, i would def. get the admin password, and look at terabytes of porn.
    Great osx x86 link, very infomative.

  3. hold on now, the admin password was written on the back of the laptops! and you can’t give a bunch of highschoolers some laptops to take home and expect them not to try and use it unlocked. It’s just going to happen and they should deal with it (and their obviously incapable IT staff). Ruining the kids’ lives by charging them with felonies isn’t going to help anyone.

  4. At my high school they had us locked into a little novel desktop with maybe a dozen network distributed programs that we could use. I figured out that I could use MS Visual, which I had for my “C+” class (my school couldn’t afford the extra +) to boot any .exe program, making it very easy to open windows explorer and have full access to the computer’s drives , hard disk, and network drives. I spent an entire class period watching a pirated copy of the jackass movie after loading up wmp. i thought it was pure genius at the time…

  5. yeah, they didn’t do anything incredibly bad… when i was in 8th grade we had G3 iBooks and were so severly locked down that they were only good for word proc. and using the browser a tad bit. when i discoverd the HUGE list of passwords in the secretaries droor it was all over with. i changed teachers names to stupid names just before grades went out :P that i find more offensive than porn.

  6. Dive into the OSX forums.
    Much to read about how to put OSX nativly on ANY pc ( with a bit of luck ofcource ).

    I can confirm that torrents are available that contain a VMware hardfile with working patched OSX. Do not want to get into trouble for it on this site, so you have to find them yourselfs.
    But remember PIRATES should be kept at BAY in a ORGanized manner.


  7. //\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//\//

    Flashback, 1995…

    I was 16, my friend and I helped some consultant ‘network administrator’ setup the network in our high school. We were the only people in our school who could help this guy out (5’s on AP csi, reprizent). He didnt give us any special access or knowledge or anything, but we noted that the entire setup was configured through dos 6.0 batch files into an old-school Novell thing. My friend and I didnt even need to know novell to hack it. Just a little qbasic and we were in.

    Basically, we changed what time the bell rang, what was on the lunch menus, and what times the school activities took place. It was a crapload of fun and we became minor heroes.

    Lucky for us, when we got caught, our school didnt know the seriousness of the situation and we got off easy (banned from computer lab for rest of school).

    Lucky for them, the students’ grades were not tied to that system.

    I hope these guys get off eventually, but I doubt they will. The man is seriously cracking down on stuff like this. It doesnt sound like they were doing anything malicious though…they were just having some good fun. At least they’re not selling cr4ck or carrying gunz.


  8. I was going to college at U of M in the early 90’s, and their computer lab Novell shares were wide open, read and write access.. all you had to do was change drives (X:). I deleted a text file (public domain list of BBS’s, freely available anywhere — I chose an unimportant, replaceable file on purpose) and then emailed the administrators about how wide open the security was.

    I got an administrative warning on my record for hacking the computer lab.

    I guess whoever was in charge didn’t have the physique to be a cop, but wanted to play bully anyway.

  9. The OSX86 thing is taking off like crazy.
    You ppl had it first !. Nice going.

    I’m planning on hacking a new board into a g4 case and try to get as much osX compiant hardware this weekend as possible.

    Hang on for it !.

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