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scribbler bot

The Scribbler Bot was inspired by a flash toy called scribbler. Scribbler lets you make a simple line drawing and then generates a more complex drawing by applying a set of algorithms. The Scribbler Bot moves the drawing into the physical world. It is a simple two axis plotter using two stepper motors and a control board. The plotter wasn’t intended to be very accurate since the shuddering adds a new level of complexity to the drawing. The plotter control is through a Dreamweaver plugin, but it should be able to take any binary feed. Thanks to Douglas McDonald for the cool project and for scribbling out our logo in ball-point pen.

13 thoughts on “Scribbler Bot

  1. alex, the etch-a-sketch hack was featured a few months back on this site. also, the reason it probably “sucks” is because they are down to just one poster who I imagine has other things going on in life besides a webblogs inc page to update. they are in the hiring process, for which you can (maybe still, not sure) apply for at the engadget application link: which was posted on hackaday a month or so ago.

  2. another thing to consider is that the site is only as good as what the readers (us) submit, and what we can build/hack. If you want to make the site better for everyone, give hackaday your exclusive hack… The more of those they get, the more reputable they become, and hence, the site gets better.

  3. It seems like some of you folks don’t quite understand the intent of this art.
    Perhaps comparing it to an etch-e-sketch is a bit thoughtless and undiscriminating. You may also not understand the type of calculatins and, basically, architectural design that is involved in building a robot like this.
    The idea here is about a computer creating art.
    It has many implications.
    Just some food for thought.

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