Hackaday Links

Keep the links coming in (Seriously, I’m hurtin’ here)

Looks like the skull and crossbones is the new pink. Maybe we should make our logo look like Mr. Yuk to stay ahead of the curve.

FedEx furniture was bouncing around the blogs a couple months ago. Apparantly the company doesn’t want to furnish your apartment. The correction at the end is kinda funny.

Have you checked out the BlackDog Linux usb computer. I think it would come in pretty handy for those of you headed back to school and their inadequate labs.

Last weekend some HAM enthusiasts tired for a WiFi long shot with a weather ballon. It didn’t work so well (they think it was swinging too much) but they’ll be trying again. Good luck! [ed3]

A DS homebrew contest held by the Neo Flash team recently concluded. You can download the thirty entries over at MaxConsole.

Ghetto UV reactive fan. [Neurolizer]

Do you think the feds picked up any new recruits at Defcon? [Bucky]

NetBSD toaster, Hack-A-Day stringer Richard saw it in person [via the Inquirer][jesse off]

If your state isn’t overcast like mine, make sure you catch the Perseids tonight.

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