Lock Bumping Revisited


I haven’t really been into lock picking, but after seeing the “bumping” demo from What the Hack I was shocked. The technique is really quick and will work on 90% of locks you’ll come across. You need to create a bump key, also know as a 999 key. This is made by cutting down a key (that fits the lock) to the deepest setting (pictured). Then a little bit of metal is removed from the tip of the key and the shoulder. You insert the key into the lock and because of the removed metal you can give the key a little whack and the key will travel slightly farther into the key way driving the pins vertically. That’s it! Here is a white paper on the subject that will clear it up a little more. Here is the full video from WTH. If you want to skip ahead to 51 minutes you’ll see Barry demo cutting down a key and bumping a lock in about 3 minutes. At 1:02 Han presents bump proof locks TOOOL has tested. Fabienne will be covering some more interesting stuff from WTH on Friday.

UPDATE: Check the comments for Azureus magnet links.

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Synth Link Roundup

On Monday I asked for synthesizer link submissions in honor of Robert Moog.

I was listening to Fresh Air on NPR last night and they replayed an interview with Moog from 2000. He plays a couple samples on the Minimoog [synthmuseum]. Switched-On Bach was also mentioned. I’ll have to look around the house for that; it was the first 8-track my dad bought.

In highschool Moog was building Theremins. Plans can be found in English, in Engrish, in German, and in legaleese. [Tim Lu]

Now for some synth links:
Sound Lab Mini-Synth [macaba]
1 Bit Groove Box [humpback whale]
Principles of synthesis [stuart]
Lots of DIY synth links [joelanders]

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