HOW-TO: SSH HTTP Proxy Setup

putty config

We’ve been linking to a couple proxy options in the links posts recently and [tom] thought it would be a good idea to write up how to use Privoxy. In [tom]’s case he wanted to route all of his internet surfing at work through an encrypted tunnel to his home machine. The guide is Windows based, but it won’t be to hard to translate to your OS of choice. It starts by setting up an OpenSSH server and new user on the home machine. Then Privoxy is installed. Next PuTTY is used to establish the secure tunnel from the work machine. The last step is to configure the browser to use the proxy. You can use this for IM too. You may not need this at work or school, but it should offer you some decent protection if you’re out using open access points.

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  2. Hi,

    I was wondering if someone could help me. I’m having a problem. I live on university campus and our internet connection has proxy servers that blocks some things. I wanted to download some music from internet (leglly) but the proxy doesn’t allow my programs to access internet. I was wondering, how I could get passed that?

  3. I have recently discovered that Firefox 1.5 and later automatically sends dns requests through the socks server. eliminating the need for privoxy. please go to, look in hacking illustrated. there should be something about dynamic port fowarding over ssh. watch the video.

  4. Hey, would any of you fellows know how i could hack into a proxy server.I am really frustrated because the institution i am attending has an internet usage limit, and i was wondering if you could get past those restrictions.thanks

  5. I have openssl on my home windows computer and am using putty on port 443 with my router set up to forward 443 to port 22. I am using firefox portable set to SOCKS5 proxy. In mozilla config:about I have set network.proxy.socks_remote_dns to true. This all seems to work fine. Is it safe to assume my DNS requests will not be getting leaked with this setting or should I be using PRIVOXY and http proxy in firefox?

  6. Hello friends,
    I am Ranjeet from Nepal. I am searching for a trick to bypass my local mobile companies proxy to get access to internet.
    See what i want is to surf internet for free because if i pay for internet usage i will not be able to afford it and thats because they charge really high for internet usage.they charge on per kb. when I opened,only loading the yahoo page and around $0.25 was deducted from my account this may feel very little ammount to u but its too much for me.So please help me.

    They have two access points
    1. Access Point Name:”mero” for internet(also called GPRS)
    2. Access Point Name:”mms.mero” for mms

    both using the same ip address

    i can connect to both of the access points but webpages only load when i use the acess point name: mero
    and this way i get charged, if pages can be made to load by using the access point “mms.mero” then i think i’ll not be charged. and that is what i want.

    can u please help me doing this.
    is this possible.
    i’ld be very thankful if u can help me connect to internet with loosing money.
    thanks a lot for taking out time to read this.
    reply me at

  7. university using 443 port encrypted proxy

    I need explaination , list or contact about student/teachers in university using encrypted proxy that use 443 port
    (example :
    my friend (post doctor) in asian university tells me connection in related countries are
    free to use in port 443 only

    Thx in advance to give me related

  8. Good article – been expanded in a couple of more recent articles that I’ve seen, e.g.:


    This contains details of how you can get your ssh connection through even the most hardened environments and therefore expand the scope of places that you can set up your tunnels to pretty much anywhere.

    It needs apache ‘on the outside’ as well as ssh server but that’s not much hassle for it’s benefits.

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