TUAW Trys Out OSX86

Our friends over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog decided reinforce their name by trying out the OSX86. After some bumbling they got it installed (I don’t think they’re going to be Linux converts anytime soon). Conclusion? They were thoroughly impressed that it worked and how incredibly slow it was, deciding that it needed some more tweaking. I’m just happy someone else did this before I had to bite the bullet and sacrifice my only running laptop in the name of hacking.

27 thoughts on “TUAW Trys Out OSX86

  1. Ofcource without hardware graphics support it’s slow. but if you manage to get it running on a GMA900 or something else compatible it flies.

    My hackintosh ( old g4 case + new pc parts)
    runs nicely when coreimage and extreme are active.

  2. Even without hardware support it’s pretty fast (running it on a 1.3 p4 celeron mobile). Was very impressed. The only catch is on some systems you need to remove a system-extention library which will cause the OS to look for the TPM chip repeatedly and bog down the system.

  3. I have also installed OSX on my desktop /w duel boot. Oh… um… if you delete a certain file OSX will speed up signinantly. Mostly because it is trying to find a peice of hardware that the Apple x86 PC’s have that IBM PC’s don’t.

  4. Ironically I’ve found it to be faster on my friends 2.8ghz intel than my brand new powerbook. The graphics effects are slow, but thats a driver issue – in terms of system performance it screams.

  5. Cruz, you fucktard. YOU STOLE MY GUIDE AGAIN!
    You did not even give me credit!!! This makes me not want to help out stupid people (AKA YOU).

    To the admin of this site: Please contact me, I have something you will want.

  6. At goAt:
    You posted something on the internet. Welcome to the internet. In case you haven’t realized it yet, no one cares.

    I got it running on my Dell off a spare hd (It messed up, and as I was about to format the hard drive a week later, poof, it worked.) I have nothing to do in it though… any suggestions?

  7. i’m wondering if this person(s) used the boot command of: platform=ACPI|x86PC
    when i tried it, it ran at 100% resources. after this command was entered at startup, it no longer consumed all the resources; and ran very smoothly.

  8. those “hackers” are bunch of friggin morons
    just read the comments of that article, like “the only reason that you were “running sluggishly” or “very slowy” is because you left in the AppleTPMACPI.ktext resource files. This thing constantly checks your computer for the TPM, which it will never find. All that you have to do is:

    1. Navigate to /System/Library/Extentions/AppleTPMACPI.ktext

    2. Drag to the trash.

    3. Authenticate (“bovinity”)

    4. Reboot

    Enjoy OSX86 without any lag”

    and ” You realize that there is a copy floating out there in the neverland known as the Internet that is a Bootable Install DVD that incorporates all the patches/hacks so that you can:”
    and “13. Comments on the osx86project wiki and forums would tend to indicate that the CPU usage and graphic artifacts have both been long fixed. There’s even a patch available that will create an installable DVD, from which you can boot and use Apple’s installer.

    You say to brace ourselves for a trip through the seamy underbelly, but most of this article consists of “we had no idea what we were doing, but we kind of stumbled along!” ”


  9. g0at, I gave credit. Not specifically but I didn’t claim to be the original creator of the file and never did, I just modded it to show what worked for me. How you got Ubuntu to work with it is far beyond me, it fucked me up and it fucked them up, as did the AppleTPMACPI.ktext file.

    And what do you mean again? Where else have I posted this? Last I checked, nowhere else.

  10. @cruz.
    um, i believe the other site that you posted goat’s guide was tuaw. btw, his guide was just fine for me, my guess is that with the terminal thing in ubuntu you weren’t root.

  11. to “Cruz”: You posted it on TUAW

    to “Mofo”: If no one cares, then why even hack it in the first place? It was something I enjoyed doing (and I spent ALOT of time on it). The least he could of done was say, thanks g0at.

    to “nobody”, you are correct, thank you. I’m glad you got everything working. if you need any help applying patches, I will be glad to give you assistance in whatever way possible.

  12. @g0at: It seemed like you said I was posting this all over the place, my bad for the mis-interpretation. I’ve posted another comment on tuaw, a small programming forum, and nowhere else. I usually always say where I got it, sorry if it seems like i’m taking it for granted, it’s a great guide. Sorry for any shit I caused, just trying to help people out with it.

    @nobody: I tried it as root too (su / sudo) and it still gave me crap.

  13. osxx86 was very easy to install on my friend’s alienware desktop. 1GB of ram and I think a
    2.7ghz proc. very easy too, we used the method to install it in windows using dos tools. pretty easy, just basically putting the image on the second HD and dualbooting. acronis os selector even found it right away. pretty fast running for us.

  14. i previously installed osx86 10.4.1 and updated to 10.4.3 with generic boot dvd on a mercury motherboad with via chipset the processor is P4 1.5GHz, 256MB SD RAM. It was very fast. Even faster than WinXP. But without QE/CI and sound. I switched over to gigabyte 915ME motherboard, 256MB DDR RAM, 2.53GHz Celeron D yesterday. Now QE/CI are working properly but no sound ie. AC97 onboard.
    But the entire OS runs very very slow. Can anybody help me to configure. You can contact me on roshan_aj@yahoo.com.
    Thank U

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