Homebrew battery tab welder

battery tab welder

[Phil Pemberton] has been building quite a few battery packs over the last year and decided he needed a better method than soldering. Soldering can often damage the end caps and cell seals. He decided to build a simple capacitance-discharge resistance welder to assemble the packs more efficiently. It doesn’t take many parts, but you’ll have to do some tuning to get it to work correctly.

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Hackaday links

The other day I mentioned that Jason Striegel is a robot. Well, the situation was given a little bit of clarity when a Slashdot commenter said Googling for “sex bots” turns up Jason’s Hack-A-Day article. At one point someone told Jason he was “worse than Eliza”. Funny you should mention that since the second google link is a sex bot built on Eliza and then turned loose on the IRC. Hilarity ensues.

[Hermann] built a laptop ventilador out of cardboard.

[mike forbes] provided some links for hacking the Netgear DG834G here and here.

You can transcode movies and use your CVS camcorder as a cheap video player. [enigma-]

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your MAME cabinet. [tIM cATCHPOLE]

[Haon] started working on our Wikipedia stub.

[PK]’s better way to add a garage remote to your car.

This Linux DDR machine looks cool till you price the mats. [Incudie] I guess that is the price you pay to avoid getting carpal tunnel doing this. [via]

Also [via Dirk], a good roundup of USB key friendly software.

Don’t worry [smouldering dog] your gift arrived safe and sound.

Over 225 Hack-A-Day readers have added me as a friend; at least 4 are girls. The Folding@Home team has grown too.

Keep sending us the quality links.

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