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We’ve covered snowboards and longboards on previous Mondays, but it would be a shame not to mention their precursor the surfboard. [biscuitdough] suggested this online book by Stephen Pirsch for getting started with board building. The introduction does a good job of covering why you would want to pursue this and also reasons not to. It even suggests that reading the guide would help you if you plan on ordering a custom board. Make sure you check out the “Helpful Links” section for a description of their small wave design. (photo via)

12 thoughts on “Build Your Own Surfboard

  1. So… I didn’t know there was a difference between a longboard and a surfboard… or at least that there were different lengths of surfboards. Wikipedia is my friend! Anyhow, there aren’t many surf spots near where I’m at, though Alaska does apparently have some good surf spots in remote areas. I’ve heard some really experienced people surf the bore tide in the Turnagain Arm:

    Also… I have a dirty dirty mouth up there! Sorry ’bout that. :(

  2. Wtf mate? Lame lame lame lame lame. these snowboard,longbord,surfboard things…they arent hacks. A hack in my opinion is making an already existant object do a completely different job or do its current job even better/cooler. Making your own surfboard is just simply making your own surfboard, you havent hacked anything. Hell I made my own pb&j sandwich today, maybe I should submit that to HAD.

  3. hybrid>>
    These are hacks because a lot of people don’t really know if or how they can build a board. I love these ‘hacks’. <3 Think about it this way: A (good) skate deck costs ~$150 and the bigger companies will often try to cut costs by using cheap material or printing methods; why not make sure that you're getting exactly what you want? :)


  4. kiddanger: depends on what kind of board. i paid 200 for my loaded vanguard, which I could have reproduced at home (if i really wanted to go through the trouble of vertically laminating a skateboard deck) for much cheaper.

  5. im still confused why people are still posting “first post.” I bet there have been many complaint posts about it, but still, just quit it, it’s annoying. It’s nothing that special to have first post.

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