How-To: Embed A Wifi Detector Into A Backpack Strap


We’ve posted our How-To of the week over at Take a peep at our cool little mod for embedding a wifi sniffer into a backpack strap or messenger bag strap. Haven’t you always wanted to have squishy switches and LED’s built into your bag? Well, now you can! The How-To even has spiffy Flickr photos for your viewing pleasure.

If you make a cool version of this hack, please let us know. We’re sure you’ll come up with all sorts of ways to make this mod better: super bright LED’s, luminescent wire, fibre optics, etc. Take this How-To and run with it yo

18 thoughts on “How-To: Embed A Wifi Detector Into A Backpack Strap

  1. That’s kinda neat. Personally, I think he did a bit of a sloppy job with fitting in the actual LED/plexi lights, but overall,
    not bad. All we need now is a way to modify them in a hat/sunglasses
    combo, so you can always see the signal strength. Hmm….I have an old hap and pair of sunglasses…just need to get me a wifi sniffer.

  2. how exactly does that switch work? if its aluminum foil, isn’t it always on? im confused there. how does touching the foil together make it work when its already connected through the foil?

  3. Kolwon, the aluminum is seperated by squishy foam, that after it is compressed, expands back to it’s original size and shape, thus breaking the connection.

    Now, the only addition would be to use duct tape to encase the device prior to sewing it into bag. Just make sure only theedges of the first tape layer have stickyness on it, much like one of those vacuum sealed bags.then the following layers can be added as normal. So take the first layer, cut a second layer like .2 inches smaller on all sides, and place in the middle of first layer. Now place device in the middle of the first layer, like a bag. Instant Ducktapy waterproofing goodness.

  4. Yeahp, I’m going to steal this idea! Thinki I may attempt to make it velcroable on and off so I can move it beween my courier bag and my day sack. Looks like its time to brush up on my 1337 sewing skills! great idea though, as long as I don’t try and use it while riding my bike, or its just going to get messy!

  5. I recommend getting rid of the original LEDs, and either replacing them with EL patches (I’m sure different colours are available) or with much larger LEDs. Frosted perspex will give a better ‘glow’ for the LEDs in all directions, as it diffuses the light more (though it will appear ‘dimmer’ than clear plexy head-on).

    The foam switch is really nice though! much easier than trying to embed a capacitive/resistive touch panel.

  6. I don’t know how you could rig up bigger batteries while maintaining the same IV characteristics, although some network consisting of a few different voltage batts ought to be able to do it, in a manner similar to the ipod external battery hack from before.

  7. Hmm. Next step is a wifi detector built into a cheap watch. You’d need to be able to solder SMD parts but most watches have a lot of space on the back plate (if plastic) that can be utilised.

    I want to try one of those OLED “polymer” screens for this, it would be 1337 :) bargraph AND multiple colours as well as potential for text and graphics, estimated current draw way down there in the milliamps.

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