Mac MAME Cabinets

mac mame

[calhoun] has been scratch building some great mac based MAME cabinets. His first one was a cocktail (pictured above) built from a Powerbook and using an I-PAC to interface with the arcade controls. The motherboard and hard drive are mounted to a fold down plexiglass tray. The speakers come from the Apple “globe” speakers. This is just the first model, he’s built several bar-top cabinets and is constantly trying to improve the design.

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

You probably thought we had lost that banner. I wasn’t actually planning this for today, but I had a couple projects come in that seemed pretty easy to do.

Aircraft pokia This project is from [Dave Seltzer]. He modified an Avcomm aviation headset so that he could use it with his cellphone. Aviation headsets have odd sized plugs and are wired kinda weird, but the the hack is pretty clear since everything is annotated