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mac mame

[calhoun] has been scratch building some great mac based MAME cabinets. His first one was a cocktail (pictured above) built from a Powerbook and using an I-PAC to interface with the arcade controls. The motherboard and hard drive are mounted to a fold down plexiglass tray. The speakers come from the Apple “globe” speakers. This is just the first model, he’s built several bar-top cabinets and is constantly trying to improve the design.

13 thoughts on “Mac MAME Cabinets

  1. i would like to know more about hw too! it looks like he has no problem seperating the lcd from the motherboard. in most pc laptops i have seen, you are constrained by those damn ribbon cables.

  2. If you read all his articles, he mentions problems with the lcd’s flex-cables. He also mentions one time (that I saw) that he dumpster-dives. Not that there’s anything wrong with Dad dumpster-diving. It’s in Proto-Mame #5 “The speakers, again, came out of a dumpster. ”
    Cool guy though. I have a feeling I will be “him” in a few years.

  3. Call me strange but I don’t get why this is a new thing. Does it really matter if your cabinet is a G3 or x86? I run mame on my DreamCast, on top of which I can run some pretty fine versions of top modern arcade games like Virtua Tennis and Soul Calibur. The DC Arcade Sticks are the same as the ones on the Model 2 hardware used in Sega arcade machines, and fit into a cabinet just fine, but I don’t really see this as anything new.

    Sorry if I sound like an idiot, Just my 2p worth – possibly less depending on your viewpoint ;)

  4. “Calhoun” in this case is John Calhoun, writer of the highly addictive Glider. John also works for Apple. These machines are made out of ex-prototype Macs. Most of them are electrical prototypes only – ie, no cases. After the machines they are prototypes of are released, there’s no need to keep them, so he’s recycled them into MAME boxes.

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