Robotic Sentry Gun

sentry gun

Reader [aaron rasmussen] and his brother Ezra built this awesome robotic sentry gun. The gun is an airsoft replica of an FN P90 and fires 6mm BBs. Pan and tilt are controlled by two hobby servos using a simple controller. Aaron wrote custom software to watch the usb webcam and track targets. There is a video on the site of it being tested

IPod Nano Docks

nano truck

Here are two reader submitted iPod nano docks. [ian] found this guide for mounting the nano in a truck. The headunit already has a line in so Kevin just chopped up the nano’s retail packaging to make a nice holder.

I didn’t realize this, but the dock adapter that comes with the iPod doesn’t work with current products or at least not the mini dock. [Caius Durling] trimmed up his adapter a bit and installed it in his mini dock.

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