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nano truck

Here are two reader submitted iPod nano docks. [ian] found this guide for mounting the nano in a truck. The headunit already has a line in so Kevin just chopped up the nano’s retail packaging to make a nice holder.

I didn’t realize this, but the dock adapter that comes with the iPod doesn’t work with current products or at least not the mini dock. [Caius Durling] trimmed up his adapter a bit and installed it in his mini dock.

5 thoughts on “IPod Nano Docks

  1. My friend recieved one of those bose sounddocks and it came with an adapter, similiar to the one packaged with the nano, for every size ipod at the time. i assume the nano adapter will also fit the sounddock.


    1. buy/scavenge a thickish (.3 inch or so) but short (circumference less than nano/shuffle) rubberband
    2. place around nano/shuffle
    3. jam velcro on rubberband
    4. put velcro on dashboard (or for the squeamish about their interior, jam velcro on those control remove tabs that I think 3M puts out, and then jam that onto dashboard)
    5. marvel at how making things so lightweight eliminates so many design hurdles

  3. has anyone bought an ipod nano dock? i just want it to attach audio..does it hold the nano firmly enough to hold it down in my car? if not, does anyone see any problems with placing the adapter in my car with an audio cable superglued to the adapter…so that placing the nano on it connects the audio

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