Toorcon – Closing

Toorcon was a really a wonderful experience. I met lots of readers and other interesting people in a very social environment. It’s really cheap and I would encourage you too attend next year.

I’ve posted the few photos I have to Flickr. While you are over there you might as well join the Hack-A-Day photo pool. Quinn’s photos are much better than mine; I didn’t have to haul around a Canon EOS D30 though. Pictures of me: one, two. The guys from EVDO-Coverage also have a photostream. They provided EVDO to hackers in need at the conference and will probably be sending me some fun hardware to play with.

I’ll be updating the posts with slides as soon as they get posted.

Once again: I’d like to thank the organizers, speakers, and Hack-A-Day readers for making the conference such a fun time. I hope to see everyone again at REcon, Shmoocon, and Toorcon next year.

That’s it for Toorcon coverage. Back to business as usual tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Toorcon – Closing

  1. hey dude- im a 17 year old kid who jus LOVES this site. ive been buildin robots and messing with computers since i was too young to walk and follow a lot of the stuff you guys do quite frequently. i gotta tell u tho-that conference really disheartened me. its like, lets take the ugliest ppl in the world and put em in a room-HEY! you got the conference. i dont wanna cound conceited, but we gotta find a way to get this site out to the general public. Nobodys gunna pay attention to this community if we represent ourselves the way ur flikr page shows. ‘MON MAN!

  2. Hey brandon,

    First. **** you.
    You do sound conceited. You’re commenting on how people look. Frankly, if the general public doesn’t want to go and visit hackaday because some of the people involved are ugly, do we want them? You make it sound like the goal of this site is to become as mainstream as possible. This isn’t mtv dude. This site is about hacks, and cool ones at that. Maybe not cool enough for Joe-Quarterback or even Steve-Websurfer. Maybe you should consider that people’s intellegence is in no way affected by their appearance. You talk about representing the community by looking better. What do you want? Us to throw out everybody who is ugly? Or for everybody to go get plastic surgury? If apperances really bother you that much, just leave. Don’t associate yourself with us. Go start your own pretty-boy-hacker club.

    #wheebanana on efnet

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