Google Hacks For Fun And Profit

We’ve all played with Google hacks. Here is a short, quite incomplete list of irreverant uses for our engine of worship. Post your favorite Google hackage in the comments. I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords.

Google cooking, around since 2002 and perhaps even before: simply list the various ingredients in your fridge and your cupboard to google-spit out a recipe

Perl fun with the Google API: $1

PyGoogle for Python fanatics: $2

Being able to Google in your command line: Priceless

A whole book chock full of Google hacks including yummy adwords hacking [pdf]

Craigslist + Google Maps == bliss for apartment hunters

A sobering use of Google Maps: updatable trajectory of hurricane Rita [via BoingBoing and Markie]

When video met Google, DVD Jon wrote a script to use Google’s VLC video player to play non-google-hosted content

Fun for VJ’s and Anit-TV-peeps

A Honeypot for those of you worried about others using malicious Google hacks on your sites

Once again, post your fave Google hacks in the comments.

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“Clicker” Hacking


Here’s another IR hack released at Toorcon.  SurveySays (from Midnight Research Labs) is software that will intercept signals from remotes or “clickers” that universities use for test and quiz taking in class. According to the site, there are over a million of these remotes out there at hundreds of schools (UC Berkeley and SFSU to name a couple around [sith]’s area). SurveySays will display the most commonly given answer by the classroom on the screen and will also issue a trigger after every round. You can send in this answer automatically, for you or for a group of friends =). Have fun!

[thanks sith]

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