Retractable Wolverine Claws


With Halloween only a month away you’ll want to start rounding up materials to build something like this now. Nate took the time to make this project look right. He enlarged a photo to make sure the scale was correct for the claws. The claws are mounted securely to a drawer slider Taxi Driver style. It looks like a lot of work went into the uniform as well. You’ll get the gist of it from the first few pictures the rest are just excessive glamor shots. I’ll admit that I put a lot of effort into my Halloween costumes once I got to college, but I usually fell down way to much to be wearing something like this.

[thanks fstat]

53 thoughts on “Retractable Wolverine Claws

  1. Very nice, but they need spring-loading and a quick-release in the palm. Squeeze it, and the claws flick out. You’d have to have some sort of pin for safety to prevent them being permenantly armed, and possibly a sliding or squeeze lock mechanism on the trigger (slide to the side then push, or squeeze a small bar against the body of the release and push). Then you’d have to add a steel plate to the back pf your hand to prrevent accidental injury from having it at the wrong angle.

  2. Haha, him and his glamour shots. Funny stuff!

    I agree that the next step is to add auto extension. Maybe it could be wired similarily to how prosthetic arms are? You know, with the claws and the wire stretching up to a shoulder strap? My aunt has one, but I haven’t seen it in about a billion years.

  3. Humm this from some one from ohio… Guess it seems about right to me.

    He dose look like he is having a good time though so maby the work was worth it. “IF” I was going to make a set they would have to be spring loaded and razer sharp for slicing watermelons… Yea thats it watermelons.

  4. “Humm this from some one from ohio… Guess it seems about right to me.” -hcker2000

    Uhm. . .what exactly is that supposed to mean? :-P

    This almost makes me proud to live in Ohio. . .oh, wait. I take that back. Please kill me.

    But, yes. He needs 1) retractable claws (Maybe he can put the track under his skin in metal sheathing, so they actually come out of his knuckles!), and 2) To be injected with DNA from those labratory mice that have a full healing factor,,2087-1754008,00.html

  5. I Want the plans for those claws, thats awesome. let someone try to steal your ipod on the train, and you whip those out—wooho! the look on anyones face would be priceless– please please give me the plans i want to make my own.

  6. they are so great. how long did it take for you to make them? would you please please send me the plans or something? they are so great.i am a real big wolverine fan , but looks like your the new wolverine. please get back in touch.

  7. WOW, these kick ass. I really want to know how to make them. Can you please send me the plans and material list, I mean awsome! How did you come up with them? Did they pop into your head or did you bump it while pretending to be wolverine:P?

  8. can you please send me the plans on how to make them?
    please please please

    i want to know the materials,the measurements and everything.

  9. holy shit dude! now dats . . . dats fuckin amazing. im freakin speechless. my little brother got these cheap kid toy version of wolverine’s claws but DAMN! those claws of urs just totally kick ass, i got to know how you made it. please man, if u could send me the plans, the material list and all dat stuff, i’ll praise u dude. thanks a bunch, “LOGAN” ( i think you should legally change ur name to dat)

  10. yea can you send me the measurements and everything for them like the bolts and parts all that shit plz. ok u should reall be called “logan”. lol u would be the “shit”! man plz send me the plans.

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