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The folks over at Remote-Exploit were recently dropped from Google Adsense and need funding. Why should you be concerned? They’ve recently rolled the excellent Auditor and WHAX live cds into a new distro called Backtrack. Why am I concerned? The were dropped for “Hacking/cracking content”. [thanks Michael Schade]

Luminosity Monstrosity You too can create blindingly bright light fixtures. [henny]

[doctordubb]’s experience building an LCD projector from a slide projector.

Add access LEDs for each of your hard drives. [carpespasm]

Atomic clock wristwatch [h-tech]

[Bucky] built a laptop tray for his PT Cruiser.

Put an icon on your desktop for really quick suspends using [Chris]’s instructions.

[Joe Pestro]’s CSS/Javascript desktop demo

[strider_mt2k] has been having some trouble holding onto his Micro, so he added a safety tether.

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12 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. i’ve built my own lcd projector, and i’d have to say the results are ten times better than the above hack. instead of a poor-resolution 1.8″ lcd-tv and a dim yellow slide projector, i used a 15″ lcd monitor with lenses from http://www.lumenlab.com and a 400W 6500k metal halide bulb. you can find hundreds of project examples and discussion of various ideas at http://www.diyaudio.com in the moving image section. homebuilt lcd projectors are here and you can put one together under $300.

  2. well it’s not really a noteworthy hack anymore since thousands of people have already done it. even tomshardware had an article about it. if you post an inferior design someone’s going to point out the available resources from people who have been building these projectors for over five years. it’s good to get the exposure i guess, once projector companies realize they can’t charge $500 for a bulb anymore, maybe we’ll all be able to buy a real projector.

  3. I still think most of you people are missing the point. He built a working projector for under 75 usd. Not 300, not 500. Under 100 dollars. If you really want to get in about price, just go buy a cheap returned projector at Circuit city or such. 500 for a brand new returned projected, normally at ~1100.

  4. I also used Lumenlab’s instructions to build a projector baised off a 15′ LCD screen. The cost in Canadian dollars is more around $900 for all new material. I used an actual LCD TV instead of monitor so that took up nearly half the budget but was well worth it because I did not have to buy an upconverter after the fact.

  5. I don’t see why anyone is surprised over AdSense dropping that site.

    The Summer 2005 issue of 2600 had an article about AdSense/AdWords, and Google’s ridiculous content rules and checking.

    It very specifically mentioned anything even mentioning hacking would get pulled.

  6. Notes on suspend icon: Chris’s instructions are missing a few slashes. My icon makes my laptop hibernate, instead of suspend, but that’s what I wanted anyway, since I use hibernate whenever I want to switch to Linux.

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