Rocket Altimeter Project


This project is a really simple accelerometer based altimeter. The assembled board only weighs 10grams; the power supply is an additional 6grams. The data collection is done by a Basic Stamp II. It records 1 second before and 11 seconds after it detects the initial launch thrust. On their first launch they got some legitimate looking data (it would have been nice if they had an inclinometer to compare it to). The second launch resulted in a catastrophic engine failure on the pad. It’s a shame they couldn’t do more testing, but at least they’ve got video. Schematics and source code natch.

The photo above is from a recent BoingBoing post on high power rocketry.

Hackaday Links

The folks over at Remote-Exploit were recently dropped from Google Adsense and need funding. Why should you be concerned? They’ve recently rolled the excellent Auditor and WHAX live cds into a new distro called Backtrack. Why am I concerned? The were dropped for “Hacking/cracking content”. [thanks Michael Schade]

Luminosity Monstrosity You too can create blindingly bright light fixtures. [henny]

[doctordubb]’s experience building an LCD projector from a slide projector.

Add access LEDs for each of your hard drives. [carpespasm]

Atomic clock wristwatch [h-tech]

[Bucky] built a laptop tray for his PT Cruiser.

Put an icon on your desktop for really quick suspends using [Chris]’s instructions.

[Joe Pestro]’s CSS/Javascript desktop demo

[strider_mt2k] has been having some trouble holding onto his Micro, so he added a safety tether.

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