Hackaday Links

I usually don’t link to MAKE:Blog because I assume everyone is already reading it (you should). I just thought the GPS tracking link today deserved special attention.

We’ve been talking about “guerrilla drive-ins”. Dirk put together an FM transmitter kit this weekend that would probably work well. He’s also got a nice picture of why you shouldn’t keep your Replay-TV at a construction site.

[Spazz] put together a Hack-A-Day RSS Konfabulator widget.

[jeffers] pointed me to the Bluetooth car whispering article over on Autoblog. I had shrugged it off earlier in the day because I knew it was possible. I didn’t realize they had released the POC software on their site. This is another gem to come out of What The Hack. Here is the pdf of their slides and the torrent link for the video (370MB).

[TILT-MODE-ARMY] claims to have a working HTTP server on a PSP. They’re doing a stress test, but I’m not going to hot link it for fear of melting the little guy.

[Geoff] wrote to inform me that Weta Digital is expanding their render farm with 250 Dual Xenon blades.

The tip line

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DS Trojan

It looks like the DS trojan bricker is in the wild. There are instructions up to fix the situation. I was contacted by DarkFader last week wondering if I’d be interested in his answer to the PSP’s malware that had been circulating. I’m not interested in this kind of hacking because I feel it takes a lot more finesse NOT to break something. Here’s the info straight from the source for those interested:

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