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I usually don’t link to MAKE:Blog because I assume everyone is already reading it (you should). I just thought the GPS tracking link today deserved special attention.

We’ve been talking about “guerrilla drive-ins”. Dirk put together an FM transmitter kit this weekend that would probably work well. He’s also got a nice picture of why you shouldn’t keep your Replay-TV at a construction site.

[Spazz] put together a Hack-A-Day RSS Konfabulator widget.

[jeffers] pointed me to the Bluetooth car whispering article over on Autoblog. I had shrugged it off earlier in the day because I knew it was possible. I didn’t realize they had released the POC software on their site. This is another gem to come out of What The Hack. Here is the pdf of their slides and the torrent link for the video (370MB).

[TILT-MODE-ARMY] claims to have a working HTTP server on a PSP. They’re doing a stress test, but I’m not going to hot link it for fear of melting the little guy.

[Geoff] wrote to inform me that Weta Digital is expanding their render farm with 250 Dual Xenon blades.

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11 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. I’ve been using the hackaday RSS widget for a few days now, it’s pretty good but the site isnt updated that often so it isn’t that necessary.

    You answered my prayers with the fm transmitter! It may be a bit… complicated and expensive but im genuinely interested in building one.

  2. Too bad the car whisperer thing doesn’t actually work with most bluetooth headset and car devices. In order for a headset to respond to devices trying to link, you nearly always have to put them in a special mode for pairing. You can’t just pair with the device without actually having the thing there to put it into a pairing mode.

    So the sniffer will never find my BT headset because the headset doesn’t respond to it. Simple.

  3. 250 dual xeons, eh? Who’s good at persuasion around here so that we could get a few days of FAH on those boxen :)

    Let’s see, 500 xeons with 2 QMDs each is 1000 QMDs. A qmd takes about 24 hours on boxes like those and is worth 450 points. So they’d see about 450,000 points per day. So if we could get a week we’d see 3,150,000 points. hehe!

  4. i think that the psp idea is something we could go without. what’s next, a gameboy server? on their website, it even said it crashed after twenty hours of being online– showing that the hardware cant even hold up for that amount of time. sure maybe for a back up…that has a “be back online soon” page if the power goes out, but other than that– pretty useless.

    just my two cents.

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