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Polyphasic sleep is a method for increasing the amount of time you spend awake during the day. By sleeping only twenty to thirty minutes every four hours you can stay awake longer. The short time you do spend sleeping the body is in REM sleep, which is the most restful phase. This technique has been used by many famous inventors. I first stumbled across this idea in an article on Kuro5hin. This mode of life can be very difficult to adjust to. In the first few days you probably won’t be asleep when you are trying to. You must strictly follow the sleep schedule. Skipping a nap will probably cause a major crash. With limited sleep a nutritious diet will become very important. Hack-A-Day reader [Nick Busey] is a week into his second attempt at switching to the Uberman cycle and is blogging his progress. If I were to attempt this I would probably get something like the Earlarm to help out. Of course if you’d rather sleep more you’re probably better off with the 28 hour day.

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  1. I’ve given up sleep ENTIRELY on weekdays, I sleep only on week ends. The first few weeks are the most excruciating days of the process, but after ive been doing this for a year now.. i feel totally normal. I sleep only on weekends. No joke, u prolly all think im lying. But after you do it enough your body gets adjusted to your new sleep pattern. Its incredible, I get so much done each day. 60% of ur life is wasted sleeping.

  2. I’m pretty sure what crazy’s claiming is physically impossible. those would be at least 80 hour cycles… and even if it were physically possible, i doubt any accredited doctor would back it.

  3. the military cunducted sleep studies and found that the most any one person can endure is about 11 days without any sleep at all they also perfected a ‘power sleep’ tecnique in the early 80s this could sustain special forces personel for weeks it begins by relaxing every musule group in the body one at a time starting with the toes until completly relaxed then focos the mind on one thing and breking the object to the smallest peice posible this (i.e. motor, gun or any other 3D object) would bring you to rem in 5 10 min then ‘power sleep’ for 15 to 20 min this is almost as refreshing as 6 hours of real sleep

  4. Where can we find more information about these military sleep studies? The ‘power sleep’ technique sounds like an interesting way of improving my already successful adventures into polyphasic sleeping.

  5. Hello! I’ve read through and I would like to add my two cents. I previously worked at a major pharmaceutical company which currently, at the time of this post, manufactures a drug made for people with sleep disorders and shift work sleep disorders. It helps them stay away with no side effects. While I worked there, there were supposed rumors of the military using this to help pilots stay awake during flights overseas. I do not want to directly name the company or drug, but if you perform a Google search I’m sure you will be able to find it. I have sleep apnea and although I have not been prescribed this drug, I would like to take it. I think that being able to stay awake for extended periods of time would be beneficial. I had surgery for a deviated septum to help with my sleep apnea, but I still feel a little sleepy during the day and I would like to make sure that I won

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