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I’ve been getting a ton mail on the tip line saying “You should make the iPod photo do video”. The iPod Linux team pulled this off already.

Another one that comes up from time-to-time is “You should let me plug my PSP into my iPod so I can use all of that storage space”. The reason this can’t work is because USB needs a host. In the case of a PSP, iPod, keyboard, mouse, PDA… a computer is the host device. USB devices can have other devices plugged into them if they feature a hub, but they still require a host device for control. Unless a device is specifically designed for “USB host mode” attaching peripherals won’t work. This is why the iPod photo needs the camera adapter. It isn’t just a gender changer; it performs the USB host magic that is missing from the iPod.

Harald has started a the OpenEZX project to gather information about Motorola’s EZX Linux based phone platform.

I grew up on a dairy farm, but we didn’t have Linux powered robotic cow-milkers. Somehow I still ended up with this job.

From the bored folks who brought you the dancing bug we get the frog racer. [brian]

I think the flash based eBay auction mapper that [Gary] built is really slick.

Making beer with a coffee pot

The tip line

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  1. A solution for the connectiong th e ipod to the psp and other devices like a pocket pc you could use a linksys router with a usb port and find a way for it to share the drive on wiwi and use that to connect to it. Anyone ever tried this ?

  2. wow – hooray for making beer in a coffee pot. I’ll have to master the art of doing that. Also the video on the Photo iPod is pretty cool – although a bit useless. The coolest feature with ipod linux is the super mario brothers on the ipod.

  3. i bought an iaudio x5 with built in USB host, it connects to the sony PSP just fine. maybe the x5 is the route some people that own the PSP should take for a digital audio player…

  4. Something is fishy with that auction/flash thing. It polls all video-input devices, such as webcams (which I do not have connected but the driver is still there, which is what tipped me off), and TV In cards, etc. There’s littl reason for that to happen, although there are a few nefarious things one could do to unsuspecting people with webcams…

  5. Hey Grey,

    Thanks for the comment about AuctionMapper. I’m not aware of anything we’re doing at all with webcams, polling, etc… On some searches we do hit a MochiBot robot so we can get stats on what searches people find useful (not storing any of your information at all, or search terms, just incrementing a counter). Could this be what you’re seeing?

    We don’t want it to look like anything nefarious even might be happening! Just want to make searching eBay work better.

    Feel free to comment or post to our forum (no login needed).



  6. cool thing with the ebay mapper but whenever i look up another item it sticks a pushpin in on the first item i looked at no matter if im looking at laptops or ferrari or 10 lcd’s

    real cool though i have it bookmarked!!


  7. DM,

    Thanks for kind words about AuctionMapper and for alerting us to the problem with the pins.

    If you can elaborate on the problem either here or on our forum, I’ll be glad to see what we can do to make things work better. Are you saying that when you hit the “clear pins” button, the pins from your previous search are not cleared?

    We don’t clear the pins from one search to another automatically so that people can place multiple search results on the map.

    I guess we should have put “beta” on the site because we’re hoping to get comments like yours and improve the tool based upon feedback.


  8. Re: #7 and #8 posts…

    Grey and Gary, Flash and Shockwave have a tendency to poll for video devices by default. There are settings you can change to disable this function but a lot of people don’t pay much attention to them because when they’re creating apps if it doesn’t have anything to do with a client’s video capabilities they’re not going to look at that part of their SDK. A user of the app can disable access to their video devices if they right click in a running flash app and select options.

    Grey, you’re absolutely right about the posibilities for nefariousnous… If you’re not sure about what you’re using online you should always check to make sure you’re not broadcasting blind. I don’t think Gary’s AuctionMapper app is doing anything bad, though. It is pretty damn awesome if you ask me!

  9. gary

    when i clear the pins it works great but when i choose another catagory and locate another item it puts the pin back from when i had the first item that i located

    example — i looked up a mini itx computer board it found one in austin texas i cleared the pins and did a search for 10″ lcd i found one i wanted by expanding the the thumbnail info window checked the item i wanted and clicked the (search for checked items) and it went back to the mini itx board in austin texas — it did that in multiple items

    hope this helps ill copy this to your forums


  10. the jimp,

    Really appreciate you taking the time to clarify Flash/ShockWave polling the devices. Don’t want people worried that they’re being filmed while searching eBay!

    Thanks also for the kind comment!

  11. dm,

    the pin problem you were having on auctionmapper was definitely a bug. something we had missed by not going down that exact search sequence recently.

    anyway, I believe it’s fixed now.

    thanks again for pointing it out!


  12. just as an FYI, you CAN use your ipod as firewire host, not so sure about USB though. For example, if you had a 4G running linux, with a firewire connected to a non linux 1G (only because those have standard firewire input and you could use the regular ipod firewire cable) you could use

    modprobe sbp2
    mount -t vfat -o ro /dev/sda2 /mnt

    to mount the 2G ipod to /mnt
    yes, that mounts it read only, because you wouldnt want to corrupt any data, but if you really want to throw caution into the wind, simple remove the -o ro and you could write as well.

    Anyways, maybe some leet homebrew PSP developer could whip up some code to do somethign similar with USB. If onyl I had a PSP….

  13. There are so many slave USB devices, one could connect PSP or the iPod to. If it is really hardware limitation that both can not serve as hosts, then may be somebody should put togather a chip enhansed genderbender to make a host out of slave? Viable idea to spend a day on, isn’t it?

  14. Actually, the PP5020 chip in 4G and above iPods is capable of acting as a USB host. ipodlinux can’t use it yet because (1) there’s not a lot of interest and (2) since the Apple firmware never acts in host mode, it’s going to be very hard to reverse engineer (i.e. no working example to disassemble!)

    Also, last I checked, ipodlinux firewire host only worked on 3G iPods. The newer iPods use a different chip.

  15. as I recall the psp can be a usb host it just needs the firmware to be hacked properly first. also thare was some sort of conector that acted as the host for 2 ipods on engadget quite awile back.

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