CVS Camcorder Follow-up

cvs camcorder

It’s been a couple months since the CVS camcorder downloading alpha release. [Matt Gilbert] thought it would be a good idea if we checked up on the community. There has been a lot progress made: from low level stuff like unearthing USB commands to upping the resolution and record length. Modding for macro work and building helmet mounts has also been done. A great overview of how all of this came about is the “credit where credit is due” post. Recently they’ve been dealing with new firmware versions that make the cameras harder to play with (sound familiar?). No worries though, if the solutions maintain the simplicity of jumping one wire there’s a bright future ahead. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project; you’ve done some incredible work.

17 thoughts on “CVS Camcorder Follow-up

  1. One of the best hacks to come out for these cams is the ability to change the resolution and quality of the recorded video. You can record ~10 minutes of reasonably high quality (well, for this type of cam) 640×480 video if you change the firmware (piece of cake with the Ops software).

    BTW, don’t follow #6’s method. Use a Palm sync cable. Much easier.

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  4. Heyyy guys. the palm sync cradle I bought off ebay arrived and the psb (is that the name of the circuit board??)is different from the one posted by hevnsnt. Would it work if i soddered the black, white, green, and red whires directly into the place where the original whire with those colors connected? Who else has done this before? email me at
    You all are amazing!!!!!

  5. why doesnt anybody try upgrading memoy using a compact flash card or another memory chip i been trying to see if pinouts of th compact flas card and chip are similar to make some kind of converter cable

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