CVS Camcorder Follow-up

cvs camcorder

It’s been a couple months since the CVS camcorder downloading alpha release. [Matt Gilbert] thought it would be a good idea if we checked up on the community. There has been a lot progress made: from low level stuff like unearthing USB commands to upping the resolution and record length. Modding for macro work and building helmet mounts has also been done. A great overview of how all of this came about is the “credit where credit is due” post. Recently they’ve been dealing with new firmware versions that make the cameras harder to play with (sound familiar?). No worries though, if the solutions maintain the simplicity of jumping one wire there’s a bright future ahead. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project; you’ve done some incredible work.

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Hackaday Links

I’ve been getting a ton mail on the tip line saying “You should make the iPod photo do video”. The iPod Linux team pulled this off already.

Another one that comes up from time-to-time is “You should let me plug my PSP into my iPod so I can use all of that storage space”. The reason this can’t work is because USB needs a host. In the case of a PSP, iPod, keyboard, mouse, PDA… a computer is the host device. USB devices can have other devices plugged into them if they feature a hub, but they still require a host device for control. Unless a device is specifically designed for “USB host mode” attaching peripherals won’t work. This is why the iPod photo needs the camera adapter. It isn’t just a gender changer; it performs the USB host magic that is missing from the iPod.

Harald has started a the OpenEZX project to gather information about Motorola’s EZX Linux based phone platform.

I grew up on a dairy farm, but we didn’t have Linux powered robotic cow-milkers. Somehow I still ended up with this job.

From the bored folks who brought you the dancing bug we get the frog racer. [brian]

I think the flash based eBay auction mapper that [Gary] built is really slick.

Making beer with a coffee pot

The tip line

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