Hack-A-Day Extra


I’ve been having some serious static build up in my office so dad suggested dragging a chain? nah, I’ll just turn up the humidifier. It has been really bad though; one lightning bolt from a mislaid finger forced me to reset my iPod. It got so bad that I actually bought a static strap before assembling my latest machine. Something I should have bought 10 years ago.

My PVR-500 dual TV tuner card came in the mail yesterday. The driver and MythTV install went pretty well and didn’t require too much forum crawling. They won’t tune anything above channel 59 for some reason. Hopefully I get that figured out soon.

Team Hack-A-Day continues to dominate; we completed 6 million pints this week. Saying [yehoshua] got off to a great start would be an understatement. At last count he had 104 active processors in a completely legitimate borg. [scottpdotnet] entered his thin client cluster into the fray as well.

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Line Following Robot


[Greg] has been doing a great job updating DIY Live. The latest entry details a line following robot. These bots are quite common, but Greg provides really thorough coverage of all of the details involved. His particular design features two separate sensors and when the robot reaches the end of the line it will reverse, retracing its steps. He’s got wiring schematics for the h-bridge and other components. He admits that PIC programming is a topic too broad for one post, but he does discuss a few of the necessary logic chunks involved.

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