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[Greg] has been doing a great job updating DIY Live. The latest entry details a line following robot. These bots are quite common, but Greg provides really thorough coverage of all of the details involved. His particular design features two separate sensors and when the robot reaches the end of the line it will reverse, retracing its steps. He’s got wiring schematics for the h-bridge and other components. He admits that PIC programming is a topic too broad for one post, but he does discuss a few of the necessary logic chunks involved.

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  1. I want a picture of the Xbox360 too! But $800 is overpriced. You can go and get it your local electronics store for much cheaper, provided they even have it in stock. I don’t think Microsoft produced enough of these for the Christmas crowd. I suppose they didn’t anticipate that demand would be this high. I know a lot of kids who’d want one in their bedroom.

    We’re still talking about a picture, right? ;-)

  2. We just had a final project for an _Analog_ Electronics course. The funny thing is, one guy built a “robot” that followed a black line very similiar to this with just an single op-amp at the controller for the motors. It was pretty slick. And analog “robot.” He had it connected up as a magnitude comparator with the negative input pin biased a some point between black and white, so when the input from the light sensor came in, it was just comparing to that set voltage. To high, and the op-amp would rail to the positive voltage source and turn on one transistor (2N3904) controlling one motor and two low would turn on the other transistor controlling the other motor.

  3. #8: If you mean that 2 people overbid themselves a couple of times, yes, that is odd….

    But anyhow…. people paying so much money for pictures or spending above 100GBP without reading the description thoroughly… that is odd too.

    So, what is your clue?

    – Unomi –

  4. Not to offend the creator, but I built one of these when I was in 6th grade using a lego mindstorm. The real trick is getting it to follow lines that cross paths and other complex line configurations(right corners etc).

    Oh, and unomi, if you’ve ever actually used ebay, you’d know about automatic bidding and how it works.

  5. if you look closely, parts of the robot are legos.
    the motors in the picture are the lego motors included in the mindstorms sets.

    i think its a bit wrong to compare something like this to a lego mindstorms robot. those type of robots really dont require much coding/building. the lego RCX computer brick and the software actually do most of the work for you.

  6. You obviously go to Auburn University then, because that is where I built this robot. The mindstorm Lego robot does everything for you. I programmed this robot by myself. I just used the lego motors because they were easy to use. Anybody can buy a kit that does everything for you, but this is how to design it yourself.

    I have seen a robot built with a comparator. That is a neat project, but it would not do what mine does. Mine stops for exactly three seconds, and then drives in reverse. It could be done with circuits, but this way is much easier.

    DIY Live

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