Disco Dance Floor Roundup

disco dance floor

Probably the most popular project this summer was the MIT Disco Dance Floor. The build team eventually released the controller schematics and software. Several other projects spun off as a result of this.

We’ll start with the Disco Bar (since it has the most pictures). David has been actively building the bar and is nearing the finish line. He built a bar instead of a floor because as a white guy from  Wisconsin, he’s a far better drinker than dancer. I tend to feel one leads to the other.

David’s project is driven by software that Washington University students developed while building their Vertigo Dance Floor. The software includes a cool utility for building animations.

Also: Monkey see, monkey build and Tom’s Blog (in German)

[Update: We forgot to include the DECT phone system controllable Disco Dance Floor by Blinkenlights at 2005’s best hacker camping extravaganza, What the Hack. Another pic by an attendee of wth is here.]

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